Saturday, 30 August 2014

Songs & The Memories They Hold

I was listening to some music on YouTube and got sucked into a vortex of retro songs from my childhood and teens and thought i would do a post about some of my favourite songs and the memories they take me back to.

Bon Jovi // Always -  This takes me back to when i was Best Woman for my friends civil partnership. I was so honoured to be given such an amazing role in their big day and this song was so perfect for them, they were a true match.

Vera Lynn // We'll Meet Again - Myself and my mates all gathered together in a huge circle with our arms round each other singing this on our last day of school. There was about 60 of us and we were an incredibly close crowd and after spending 7 years in each others company, we were scared of going our seperate ways but thankfully we all stayed great friends.

T-Rex // I Love To Boogie - My dad used to sing this to Sarah when she was a toddler and she used to giggle and dance along to it if it ever came on the radio or tv. She still sings it now.

Dr Hook // Sexy Eyes - My dad was a massive fan of Dr Hook and this was one of his favourite songs and i remember him singing it to my mum alot. In a way when i think about it, it's kind of gross but i suppose to them it was romantic. ( Secretly throwing up here )

Fatman Scoop // Be Faithful ( Put you hands up ) - This song takes me back to my clubbing days with my mate Gemma. We used to go to a pretty decent club in Hull called Heaven & Hell and we would always stay upstairs in heaven because the music was more club/dance. When this song came on, me and Gem would nail that dance floor and go absolutely mental. Good times.

All Saints // Pure Shores - Back in my teens when i was on holiday in Greece, my family got talking to 2 other families and we all became really close for the 2 weeks we were there and were pretty much inseperable. The kids were me, Craig, Leanne, Lucy, Rob, Melissa & Dan. On our last night while our parents all stayed at the hotel, we all went down to the beach with blankets and a small cd player. We all sat on the beach watching the sun come up and this song was playing in the background. It was a complete coincidence that this song came on when we were sat on a beach but everytime i listen to it, it takes me back to that moment when i was sat with some new friends who made my holiday go from great to amazing.

Hanson // Weird - During a dance show, i did a solo dance to this and i was terrified because i had never danced to a ballad before but it was met with amazing reception and my dance teacher came to me afterwards and told me that i moved her to tears and told me how proud she was of me. I miss her so much she was such an inspiration to me that woman. Love you Trish!

Chicane // Saltwater - This tune holds quite a few memories for me but the most special one is when i danced to it during a state dance championships back when i was 13. There were 6 of us in the group that were chosen to do the piece and we spent months preparing for this 4 minute dance. We went through every problem that could happen and expected everything to fall apart but on the day we were in sync, we looked absolutely amazing ( if i do say so myself ) and we came second out of 79 other academys. That was one hell of a triumph let me tell you.

Basement Jaxx // Red Alert - Oh wow this song takes me back to when LA's nightclub was still around in Hull. They used to hold an under 18s night there every thursday and i went without fail every week. This used to blast out about half way through the night and it got everyone up dancing. The bass from this used to make the building shake it was epic.

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