Sunday, 14 September 2014

Taking A Small Blogging Holiday

Everyone knows that come September, your life suddenly goes from being laid back and doing as you please, to working your bollocks off and unfortunately i'm no exception to the rule. During summer, my workload goes down to working only during the day and i don't do any big jobs but then when September comes round, i go back to working days and evenings which means by the time i get home i'm nackered.

I've decided that because of this and due to me not really having much to blog about at the minute, i'm taking a small blogging holiday. This won't be forever but maybe a few weeks. I have so much to do at work and at home. I'm currently in the process of re-decorating, Carl hasn't been very well, i have cleaning to do and i also need to push out more gaming videos as YouTube has also been put on the back burner recently.

It's pretty crap having to do this because the last time i had to put Pieces Of Kate on hold was when my mum went into hospital last year but there's no possible way i can blog on top of everything else, it's too much even for me.

So as it stands, i'll be missing in action for the next couple of weeks until i have got all my jobs done, i am back into a routine with work and Carl is 100% better, hopefully you all understand.

See you all again soon

Love Kate x

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Blogging With Wynsors World Of Shoes

Way back in July, i unfortunately had to cancel my place at a blog meet in Leeds due to work commitments, let's just say i was seriously gutted. But just before the event, i was contacted by Katie from the Wynsors World Of Shoes marketing team who was going to the event and asked me if i would like to contribute to their blog about travelling with kids. Having done a fair amount of travelling with Sarah in the 11 years since she came into the world, i leapt at the chance of sharing my tips and tricks when it comes to travelling with kids.

I was asked a set of questions such as - How do i juggle working, blogging and parenting? 
                                                                    What essential children's footwear do you take for her?

I also talked about how i keep Sarah entertained on long journeys ( a struggle that all mums have i'm sure ) and i really enjoyed doing it. The post on their blog has now gone live and there is also contributions from other blogger mums too so head on over and have a look. Maybe you can get some tips from myself and the other mums when it comes to travelling with kids!

And i'd just like to say a big thankyou to Katie from the marketing team for giving me the opportunity to contribute to their blog. I loved it.

The link to the blog is here