Friday, 31 October 2014

Jack Skellington // Ebay Edition

Alice in Wonderland will always be my number one obsession but i have a real soft spot for Nightmare Before Christmas and Jack Skellington. And with it being Halloween today, i thought i would do a little compilation of some cute finds on Ebay that would satisify my need for all things Jack!

I've re-discovered my love of nail art and the thought of adding these nail art stickers to my digits makes me ridiculously excited and to add a little extra something to my hand/arm area, this charm bracelet would really stand out. I really love pocket watches and i already have a Alice in Wonderland one so why not have a Nightmare Before Christmas one to add to it? I'm not really a hat person but i do like fascinators and this top hat is just that, it's different and it's perfect for Halloween, though if i'm honest, i'd probably wear it to a wedding or something because i really don't care! For the eagle eyed among you, you will have seen that i have my lower lip pierced, i couldn't help but find this Jack Skellington lip stud adorable and finally, i had to pick out the obligatory bobble head. He would stand next to my Jack Sparrow bobble head with pride.

Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Chloe Vs Zoe // My Opinion

Anyone with their ear to the ground on Twitter will have seen the column written by Chloe Hamilton preaching about Zoe Sugg aka Zoella's "Sickly sweet girl power " and basically bad mouthing Zoe within an inch of her life. You can read her article here. As a rule, i keep my opinions to myself but i felt the need to share my 2 penneth about my feelings towards this.

Zoe is pretty well known in the blogging and Youtube world, she has amassed a following of over 6 million fans between Twitter and Youtube combined and god knows how many more on other social networking sites. The lass started out as a blogger and worked her way up so who the hell is this Chloe to criticise her for that? 

In her column, she goes on a rant about how Zoe is predominently about beauty but then uses a recent interview with her from the Teen Choice awards to use as poison against that. 

And i quote -  At the 2014 Teen Choice awards, where she was named the Choice Web Star: Fashion/Beauty, she told a reporter that if she could give her teenage followers one piece of advice, it would be to fret less about their appearance. “When you’re younger you worry about so many things that you don’t need to worry about like image, appearance,” she coos to the camera, without an ounce of irony in her singsong voice, as though unaware that she’s forged an entire career by prattling on to young girls about how to look good.

Now this is what pissed me off. Zoe said of her TEENAGE followers; "When you're younger you worry about so many things that you don't need to worry about like image and appearance". Correct me if i'm wrong, but in that paragraph it says TEENAGE followers, not ADULT or ELDERLY ( if indeed she has followers of the blue rinse brigade ). She's not saying that her teenage fans should never wear make up, she's saying there are more important things to consider in your early life and she's absolutely spot on! I would say Zoe's fanbase are 90% teenagers so even though Zoe herself wears make up, she's not saying " YOU MUST WEAR MAKE UP BECAUSE YOU ARE MY FAN AND I WANT YOU TO BE LIKE ME" Which is exactly what Miss Hamilton is making out.

Chloe also pointed out that Zoe has made it her business to tell teenagers how to put their make up on. Ok let me stop you there Chloe. Have a look at the description boxes on all of her videos, does it have a disclaimer anywhere that says;

" If you do not do your make up exactly the way it has been done in this video, you will be condemned to hell forever "

 Clearly it doesn't because if it did, i can guarantee that Zoe wouldn't have 6 followers let alone 6 million.

I'm not an avid fan of Zoella as i don't find beauty tutorials and such like that interesting, however, i do enjoy her vlogs and her take on anxiety (this is because i studied it as part of my counselling degree and it's interesting for me to understand how sufferers cope with it and the methods they use) but in my opinion, Chloe Hamilton is an extremely bitter lady and is somewhat jealous of Zoe's success. Of course i could be completely wrong but from the way this colomn is written in such a patronising and completely unjust manner, i think jealousy is playing a huge part in her words. We all know journalists are highly opinionated and some of the things they say are very tongue in cheek but this is first and foremost: Slander.


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award

The lovely Beth over at nominated me for this award so thankyou very much Beth!

Here's how it works:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their site
2. Put the award logo on your blog
3. Answer their ten questions 
4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees
5. Nominate 10 bloggers for the award

Beth's Questions

1. What's your favourite thing about Autumn?

There is nothing i like about Autumn. I share my mums view on this that when Autumn comes around, it means winter is on it's way and i absolutely detest the cold. I don't find anything remotely pleasant about this time of year, if i didn't have to work i would quite happily go into hibernation.
2. What's been your favourite purchase this year?

It's not what i bought myself but what was bought for me and that has to be my Jo Malone perfume and candle in wood sage and sea salt that Carl bought me. I'm treating them both like fine bone china, i'm scared to death of over using/breaking them.
3. What would your perfect date be?

Me and Carl always have good date nights but i would really love to have a night in London. Go on the London eye, somewhere nice for tea, have a walk along the Thames. Ahhh maybe one day.
4. What song is your guilty pleasure?

Hehe i have a few...
Strange - Hanson
Bailamos - Enrique Iglesias
Blame it on the weatherman - B*Witched
We love to boogie - TREX
Queen of clubs - KC & The Sunshine Band

 5. What advice would you give your 13 year old self?

Rachel Townend will always be a cow, don't waste your time trying to be mates with her. In a years time you will twag off school for 2 weeks and have the truancy officer on your case until you leave school, don't do it! Don't try that cig mum asked you to throw off the balcony on holiday, you will still be smoking them 15 years later. Chris Dearing is not the only boyfriend you'll ever have, you'll meet mr right when you're 26.
6. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

A cat. I love cats and i envy their way of life. They spend 3/4 of their lives sleeping, they have someone to feed them, a warm house to live in and they get petted and cuddled all the time. Bliss!!! 
7. What's the number one thing on your bucket list?

Doing a sky dive is quite the bucket list choice for me but my mum really doesn't want me doing it because of an accident that happened during a skydive in the family so i guess my number one thing would be going to New York.
8. What's your favourite food?

This is too difficult a question because i love all food but my favourite has to be chicken dinner, specifically my mums. My mum makes the best roast dinner and does proper veg like parsnips, swede, cabbage, carrots you name it she gets it on there but her gravy is the showstopper, it's sooooo good!
9. What made you start blogging?

I started blogging just before i had my daughter when i was 16 but with a screaming child who constantly wanted my attention, i had to give it up. But i got back into it last year when i realised that i gave up dancing and blogging and i no longer had a hobby of sorts whereas Carl had fishing, playing pool and football amongst other things. So i started it all back up again and never looked back. 
10. What made you smile today?

Nothing yet, it's far too early to be smiling.

My Nominees are -

My Questions are -  

1. If you were only allowed to use one item of make up for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

2. What would be your last meal?

3. Is your cup half full or half empty?

4. Heels, flats or boots?

5. What book/tv show/movie would you like to be a character in?

6.  What smell(s) take you back to your childhood?

7. What are you afraid of?

8.  What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

9. Would you ever take up blogging as a full time career?

10. What is your favourite high street store and why?

Monday, 20 October 2014

Weekend at Meadowhall

When Carl suggested we head to Sheffield for the weekend to make a start on the Christmas shopping i leapt at the chance simply because i had never been to Meadowhall and i had heard really good things. Plus it's not very often we get any time to ourselves so it was a welcome break for both of us.

I couldn't believe how big it was! The only place i have ever been that was massive was The Trafford Centre in Manchester.

Once we got parked, Carl forewarned me that my legs would ache and it's a possibility we would get lost once we got inside. Pfft i thought! 

I was astounded by how big the place was and the amount of shops there were. Coming from Hull where the town centre has pretty much no shops whatsoever except Primark, it was seriously overwhelming to see stores such as Urban Outfitters, Hotel Chocolat & Ted Baker.

We were a bit spoilt for choice when it came to where to eat for lunch. I really wanted to go to Wagamama's but instead we opted for ED's Diner having heard alot of people rave about it. Me and Carl both had the fried chicken burger and i have to say it was pretty damn good.

Seeing that the Premier Inn we were staying in was literally opposite Meadowhall was a nice surprise. I had a horrible feeling that it was a fair walk/car journey away (god knows why). It was a really nice hotel, you can't go wrong with a Premier Inn and me and Carl were both greatful to take a well earned break and relax for a bit after 4 hours of non stop walking and shopping.

 After enjoying a quick drink in the hotel bar and a selfie where i look like i've been smacked in the face....

We headed back over to Meadowhall to go and watch Annabelle. We had such high hopes for this after seeing The Conjuring but in all honesty, it was shit. We were tempted to walk out at one point and just as we were about to it finally got interesting and we ended up staying until the end but all in all it was crap and definitely not worth going to see. But as soon as it was finished it was tea time!

For tea we decided to go to TGI Fridays which was conveniently right next door to our hotel. The place was packed so we were given a buzzer and told it could be a 30 minute wait. TO THE BAR !!

I wasn't going to come to TGI's without getting a cocktail so i opted for a tequila sunrise, it was seriously good! When we got seated, we were meeted by the most hyperactive server i have ever seen! He was called Jason and i swear he was on something, he was sliding over to the tables with drinks and meals! Speaking of meals...

For a starter we ordered the Uncle Sams boneless chicken wings to share. These were hot as hell and Carl could only manage 3 so i had to finish them off. My tongue actually went numb afterwards!

For our mains, Carl had a massive 16oz steak and i had a surf and turf. Soooo gooood!!!!

We had the best weekend away even though now we've come home with serious food babies and very sore feet it was well worth it. 

I'll be doing a post about what i bought while i was there but of course the majority of our purchases were Christmas presents and i know my daughter will look at this so Sarah, tough luck kidda you'll have to wait till Christmas!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Hull Bloggers Tag

The Hull Bloggers have built up quite a network since the first time we all met in March and we've become a real close knit community in a way. So when Alex of got in touch and asked me to get involved with the Hull Bloggers Tag, it was a bit of no brainer for me. Alot of us clubbed together and each gave one question which in turn, gets answered by the other Hull Bloggers. And here are the questions!

Charley from asked...

I am a real home body and i can never fully imagine how it would be to live anywhere other than Hull ( even though i don't actually live in it, i live on the outskirts ). But if i were to test the waters of living somewhere else, it would have to be France. I could quite easily adapt to the french lifestyle and being fluent in the language would be slightly advantagous.

Joanna from asked... 

None. Yes you heard me right, i don't wear make up everyday and i'll tell you why. When i was dancing, i would have to wear the heaviest makeup imaginable and i felt like my skin couldn't breathe. When i gave up dancing when my daughter was born, i felt nothing but relief to go make up free and i have done ever since. I only ever wear make up when i'm going out or a special occasion. 

Here is my question... 

The reason i asked this question is because there are so many places that i would love to visit if the opportunity was given to me. First up is New York simply because i have watched films based there, heard of the amazing sights and all that jazz, it's just a bucket list destination. I would also like to go to New Zealand to visit my dads side of the family. I have an auntie and cousins over there that i've only seen a handful of times in my 28 years so i would love the opportunity to fly out there and spend a month or so with them all.

Lucy from asked...

In all honesty i haven't really ventured to the independent stores in Hull as i usually stick with the old familiar such as Primark and New Look but i remember visiting Beasleys with my mate Norms when we were teenagers and i loved the stuff they had in there. I'm not even sure if it's still going!

Susan from asked...

I'm glad this was asked because i've been dying to give my opinion on the subject. Now i'm sorry if this pisses anyone off but...i couldn't give a toss about changing my make up to suit the summer or winter. I have better things to be doing than going through my make up and deciding what looks better in bright sunshine and what would 'compliment the autumn leaves'. I carry on wearing smokey eyes regardless of the weather!

Megan from asked...

Hmmm outfit posts aren't my cup of tea but i can think of a few nice places where they would stand out. An obvious one being Hessle Foreshore with the Humber Bridge in the background, that's self explanatory. Another would be in and around Swanland as they have some gorgeous green areas there with blossom trees which i guess would make the backdrop quite elegant.

Chloe from asked...

What makes Hull unique?

I could be completely biased and say that Hull is the best place to live full stop but i think that's a little too predictable. Hull is unique in so many ways. Our history is pretty outstanding and it's a shame not many know about it because we get dwarfed by the bigger cities such as Manchester and London. William Wilberforce the guy who abolished slavery was a Hullarian! White phone boxes, the monopoly when it comes to internet and land line, pattie butties, our own dialect...i could go on.

Chelsea from asked...

What is your most repurchased beauty item?

 This is an easy one. It is definitely the Kohl eyeliner pencil from Rimmel that i've been using since i was 14. I honestly can't live without it. Even though i don't wear make up everyday, i still need it with me at all times because you just never know! They've never changed the formula only the packaging very slightly and i love them for it so Rimmel, i've been a loyal customer for 14 years, how about a discount yeah?

Alex from asked...

I can honestly say i don't have a favourite thing to do in Hull but i guess one thing i do enjoy doing here that i can't anywhere else is sitting in the beer garden of Country Park Inn at sunset with the Humber Bridge as my scenery. It's truely one of the most magical sights Hull has to offer and what a better way to enjoy it than with your nearest and dearest and a pint of cider.

So there it is! If you're a Hull blogger or from around these parts then feel free to do this tag yourself. Big thanks to Alex for getting me involved with it.


Monday, 13 October 2014

Why do Bloggers go mad over Snow Fairy?

Show me a blogger or YouTuber that hasn't indulged in a bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel from LUSH. It's becoming as common place as Micellar water and a Benefit Mascara. But is it really that good?

No it isn't.

Oh i'm sorry Lush, you usually please me with all your magical smelling, scrubbing, bath bombing products but i'm sorry to say, this was a complete fail for me.

So what did i find wrong with it when so many have raved about it? Well firstly it's the smell. It's just so sweet and i mean sickly sweet. When i bought this, i flipped the lid and i was literally hit with this overly sweet smelling cloud of sugary sickness. I was expecting it to have a sweet tang to it but my god this is just too much.

Secondly is the product itself. From a distance it looks like a baby spice pink goop but on closer inspection, it's filled with glitter. Now i wasn't too bothered about this and thought that for the sheer fun factor i wouldn't mind being left looking like Edward Cullen after my shower/bath. But as i learnt to my cost, it was really unpleasant. The glitter may look fine but it makes you shimmer like a Christmas tree and the residue it left in the bath was a worthy adversary for a bottle of CIF shower cream and 15 minutes of constant scrubbing and washing.

Would i buy this again? 100% no. I love LUSH products and i generally can't fault them but this was a complete waste of money and a product that i'll definitely be walking past on the shelves.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Eye Eye! Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream

 I knew Benefit had a skin care line but i never thought to explore it. Don't get me wrong, i love their make up but when a brand known for it's war paint brings out skincare products, i'm a little sceptical. So what made me dive in and buy something from the line? 

Unfortunately, i'm not one of those lucky girls that have escaped the awful dark circles and puffy eyes. My years of going out on the lash and neglecting my eye area have really shown over the years and i have been after something that will make this problem area at least improve if not dissapear. I have read review after review of eye treatments and they are so mixed in results, that i didn't know where to turn until i got a sample of the Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream. 

For a product to claim that results are instant they have to be really sure of themselves but i gave it a go and they weren't kidding. I applied the cream under my eyes and i instantly noticed that the annoying crease that emphasises my under eye bags had dramatically reduced. I had to go have a look in another mirror just to be sure i wasn't seeing things. Comparing my right eye ( where the cream was applied ) to the left where it was untouched, i could see that this stuff really works.

I was convinced and went and bought a full size pot. So how much was it? Well we're talking about Benefit here so you know it's not going to be cheap. And you would be right - £25.50 this small pot cost me. In my opinion, even though this eye cream is great and has dramatically reduced my problem areas around my eyes, i think it's way too pricey for what you get. Would i purchase it again? No i wouldn't which is sad as it is a good product but for the price, i think i could buy something of equally great results for a much cheaper amount.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

September Favourites 2014

I've never done a favourites post before but i've been loving/enjoying so many things in September, that i thought it would be beneficial to actually start doing them.

First up is the Emma Hardy Cleansing Balm. I have had a very jaded perspective when it comes to beauty balms because at first i thought they were just another made up product that claimed to do X, Y & Z and you spent a fortune for the priviledge. But i gave in to temptation and i absolutely love the stuff. It makes my skin feel so clean i honestly can't put into words how good it feels. You can read a full review of it here 

Next up is the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, specifically the colour Naked 2. I love this palette and find myself turning to it all the time. I have the UD Naked 2 palette which is brilliant but this is great for when i'm in a rush and need a quick flick of eyeshadow on the run. I've been using the Naked 2 shade the most.

Benefit Fake Up has made it into my favourites and it's a well deserved place it has earnt too. I received a sample size of this a couple of months ago and this month i have been using it everyday to cover some really unforgiving red patches around my nose. I was so hooked by it, i went and bought the full size.

My final September favourite is the Iced Strawberry Dream Shower gel from treaclemoon. This shower gel is divine. It smells like strawberry icing and it's one of those products that if it was edible, you would eat it over and over again. It leaves my skin smelling amazing and it's so cheap. It's only £1.99 a bottle!

What have been your September favourites?

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Emma Hardy Amazing Face Cleansing Balm // Review

I'm guilty of jumping on a band wagon and it's all thanks to Fleur DeForce & Louise aka SprinkleOfGlitter. It's a rare occurence when i read a blog or watch a YouTube video and get heavily influenced by a personal view on a product but these two definitely pulled me into the whole cleansing balm realm.

I've mentioned before that i have incredibly dry and sensitive skin and finding the right products is a chore in itself. I've been loving my 3 step skin system from Clinique and honestly cannot fault it but i was ready to give a cleansing balm a try and see if it really is the amber nectar of facial products.

First impressions, well look at the packaging. When i bought it, the box reminded me of the packaging that my Paco Rabanne Lady Million perfume came in, if it's gold, i'm sold. Oh hello little impromptu rhyme! The actual vessel itself is a solid tub like container with a sturdy screw lid. We have all had those pesky products that decide to leak on us but with this there is no chance of that happening. It also comes with a muslin esque cloth which is clearly for wiping it away afterwards.

The texture is really strange and not like any product i have used previously. In a horrible grotty sort of way, it reminds me of lard! But i promise you, it definitely does not have the texture or smell of it. When i took a little bit out, it felt really warming and silky which is the polar opposite to my initial expectations and the smell of this stuff is out of this world.

So there are many ways you can apply this. You can either rub it between your fingers and apply to your face or you can run an amount under water and let it go sort a of milky in consistency. I jumped straight in with warming it up between my fingers and applying, no frills with this one. On application, i must admit i wasn't expecting this but it felt really warm. I don't know if that was the intention or simply because i had warmed it up previously but it felt really luscious and with a bit of rubbing, it gradually melted into not so much a liquid but a oil type formula. Once it was applied, i ran a flannel under the hot tap and wiped away all the excess product. I would've used the muslin provided but my flannel is a firm favourite when it comes to washing.

I'll be honest, i didn't see a noticable difference instantly but my skin felt incredible. My problem areas are on the sides of my nose and my chin where i get excessive dry skin build up and it can get quite sore but it definitely eased it. After using it for a week i can verify that my skin has improved massively. My face feels deeply cleansed and not as 'muddy' as it usually does. I don't know what magic was at play here but it definitely worked some hocus pocus.

At a gasp worthy price of £36 for 100ml, it really is on the heavy side of the purse. However, you only need to use the tiniest amount every time you use it so it will last you a fair while. I will say that i will continue to use my 3 step Clinique skincare but the Emma Hardy Cleansing Balm has well earned a place in my skincare routine.