Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Emma Hardy Amazing Face Cleansing Balm // Review

I'm guilty of jumping on a band wagon and it's all thanks to Fleur DeForce & Louise aka SprinkleOfGlitter. It's a rare occurence when i read a blog or watch a YouTube video and get heavily influenced by a personal view on a product but these two definitely pulled me into the whole cleansing balm realm.

I've mentioned before that i have incredibly dry and sensitive skin and finding the right products is a chore in itself. I've been loving my 3 step skin system from Clinique and honestly cannot fault it but i was ready to give a cleansing balm a try and see if it really is the amber nectar of facial products.

First impressions, well look at the packaging. When i bought it, the box reminded me of the packaging that my Paco Rabanne Lady Million perfume came in, if it's gold, i'm sold. Oh hello little impromptu rhyme! The actual vessel itself is a solid tub like container with a sturdy screw lid. We have all had those pesky products that decide to leak on us but with this there is no chance of that happening. It also comes with a muslin esque cloth which is clearly for wiping it away afterwards.

The texture is really strange and not like any product i have used previously. In a horrible grotty sort of way, it reminds me of lard! But i promise you, it definitely does not have the texture or smell of it. When i took a little bit out, it felt really warming and silky which is the polar opposite to my initial expectations and the smell of this stuff is out of this world.

So there are many ways you can apply this. You can either rub it between your fingers and apply to your face or you can run an amount under water and let it go sort a of milky in consistency. I jumped straight in with warming it up between my fingers and applying, no frills with this one. On application, i must admit i wasn't expecting this but it felt really warm. I don't know if that was the intention or simply because i had warmed it up previously but it felt really luscious and with a bit of rubbing, it gradually melted into not so much a liquid but a oil type formula. Once it was applied, i ran a flannel under the hot tap and wiped away all the excess product. I would've used the muslin provided but my flannel is a firm favourite when it comes to washing.

I'll be honest, i didn't see a noticable difference instantly but my skin felt incredible. My problem areas are on the sides of my nose and my chin where i get excessive dry skin build up and it can get quite sore but it definitely eased it. After using it for a week i can verify that my skin has improved massively. My face feels deeply cleansed and not as 'muddy' as it usually does. I don't know what magic was at play here but it definitely worked some hocus pocus.

At a gasp worthy price of £36 for 100ml, it really is on the heavy side of the purse. However, you only need to use the tiniest amount every time you use it so it will last you a fair while. I will say that i will continue to use my 3 step Clinique skincare but the Emma Hardy Cleansing Balm has well earned a place in my skincare routine.


  1. Jealous !!!!!!
    I'm coming round to use it :P lol.
    Glad your posting again

    1. Haha please do! Gimme your address and i may surprise you with some one day :P Aye it's nice being back i must say xxx

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