Thursday, 9 October 2014

Eye Eye! Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream

 I knew Benefit had a skin care line but i never thought to explore it. Don't get me wrong, i love their make up but when a brand known for it's war paint brings out skincare products, i'm a little sceptical. So what made me dive in and buy something from the line? 

Unfortunately, i'm not one of those lucky girls that have escaped the awful dark circles and puffy eyes. My years of going out on the lash and neglecting my eye area have really shown over the years and i have been after something that will make this problem area at least improve if not dissapear. I have read review after review of eye treatments and they are so mixed in results, that i didn't know where to turn until i got a sample of the Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream. 

For a product to claim that results are instant they have to be really sure of themselves but i gave it a go and they weren't kidding. I applied the cream under my eyes and i instantly noticed that the annoying crease that emphasises my under eye bags had dramatically reduced. I had to go have a look in another mirror just to be sure i wasn't seeing things. Comparing my right eye ( where the cream was applied ) to the left where it was untouched, i could see that this stuff really works.

I was convinced and went and bought a full size pot. So how much was it? Well we're talking about Benefit here so you know it's not going to be cheap. And you would be right - £25.50 this small pot cost me. In my opinion, even though this eye cream is great and has dramatically reduced my problem areas around my eyes, i think it's way too pricey for what you get. Would i purchase it again? No i wouldn't which is sad as it is a good product but for the price, i think i could buy something of equally great results for a much cheaper amount.

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