Thursday, 16 October 2014

Hull Bloggers Tag

The Hull Bloggers have built up quite a network since the first time we all met in March and we've become a real close knit community in a way. So when Alex of got in touch and asked me to get involved with the Hull Bloggers Tag, it was a bit of no brainer for me. Alot of us clubbed together and each gave one question which in turn, gets answered by the other Hull Bloggers. And here are the questions!

Charley from asked...

I am a real home body and i can never fully imagine how it would be to live anywhere other than Hull ( even though i don't actually live in it, i live on the outskirts ). But if i were to test the waters of living somewhere else, it would have to be France. I could quite easily adapt to the french lifestyle and being fluent in the language would be slightly advantagous.

Joanna from asked... 

None. Yes you heard me right, i don't wear make up everyday and i'll tell you why. When i was dancing, i would have to wear the heaviest makeup imaginable and i felt like my skin couldn't breathe. When i gave up dancing when my daughter was born, i felt nothing but relief to go make up free and i have done ever since. I only ever wear make up when i'm going out or a special occasion. 

Here is my question... 

The reason i asked this question is because there are so many places that i would love to visit if the opportunity was given to me. First up is New York simply because i have watched films based there, heard of the amazing sights and all that jazz, it's just a bucket list destination. I would also like to go to New Zealand to visit my dads side of the family. I have an auntie and cousins over there that i've only seen a handful of times in my 28 years so i would love the opportunity to fly out there and spend a month or so with them all.

Lucy from asked...

In all honesty i haven't really ventured to the independent stores in Hull as i usually stick with the old familiar such as Primark and New Look but i remember visiting Beasleys with my mate Norms when we were teenagers and i loved the stuff they had in there. I'm not even sure if it's still going!

Susan from asked...

I'm glad this was asked because i've been dying to give my opinion on the subject. Now i'm sorry if this pisses anyone off but...i couldn't give a toss about changing my make up to suit the summer or winter. I have better things to be doing than going through my make up and deciding what looks better in bright sunshine and what would 'compliment the autumn leaves'. I carry on wearing smokey eyes regardless of the weather!

Megan from asked...

Hmmm outfit posts aren't my cup of tea but i can think of a few nice places where they would stand out. An obvious one being Hessle Foreshore with the Humber Bridge in the background, that's self explanatory. Another would be in and around Swanland as they have some gorgeous green areas there with blossom trees which i guess would make the backdrop quite elegant.

Chloe from asked...

What makes Hull unique?

I could be completely biased and say that Hull is the best place to live full stop but i think that's a little too predictable. Hull is unique in so many ways. Our history is pretty outstanding and it's a shame not many know about it because we get dwarfed by the bigger cities such as Manchester and London. William Wilberforce the guy who abolished slavery was a Hullarian! White phone boxes, the monopoly when it comes to internet and land line, pattie butties, our own dialect...i could go on.

Chelsea from asked...

What is your most repurchased beauty item?

 This is an easy one. It is definitely the Kohl eyeliner pencil from Rimmel that i've been using since i was 14. I honestly can't live without it. Even though i don't wear make up everyday, i still need it with me at all times because you just never know! They've never changed the formula only the packaging very slightly and i love them for it so Rimmel, i've been a loyal customer for 14 years, how about a discount yeah?

Alex from asked...

I can honestly say i don't have a favourite thing to do in Hull but i guess one thing i do enjoy doing here that i can't anywhere else is sitting in the beer garden of Country Park Inn at sunset with the Humber Bridge as my scenery. It's truely one of the most magical sights Hull has to offer and what a better way to enjoy it than with your nearest and dearest and a pint of cider.

So there it is! If you're a Hull blogger or from around these parts then feel free to do this tag yourself. Big thanks to Alex for getting me involved with it.



  1. Lovelyyy answers :)
    (I deffo read it in your voice :P)

    Alex ox.

    1. Haha i do that with your blog! We are kindred spirits my friend xx


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