Friday, 31 October 2014

Jack Skellington // Ebay Edition

Alice in Wonderland will always be my number one obsession but i have a real soft spot for Nightmare Before Christmas and Jack Skellington. And with it being Halloween today, i thought i would do a little compilation of some cute finds on Ebay that would satisify my need for all things Jack!

I've re-discovered my love of nail art and the thought of adding these nail art stickers to my digits makes me ridiculously excited and to add a little extra something to my hand/arm area, this charm bracelet would really stand out. I really love pocket watches and i already have a Alice in Wonderland one so why not have a Nightmare Before Christmas one to add to it? I'm not really a hat person but i do like fascinators and this top hat is just that, it's different and it's perfect for Halloween, though if i'm honest, i'd probably wear it to a wedding or something because i really don't care! For the eagle eyed among you, you will have seen that i have my lower lip pierced, i couldn't help but find this Jack Skellington lip stud adorable and finally, i had to pick out the obligatory bobble head. He would stand next to my Jack Sparrow bobble head with pride.

Happy Halloween!!


  1. Ooh great for Halloween!
    Alex //

  2. You sound like me! Alice obsessed with a soft spot for jack!

    1. You appear to be my kindred spirit lol. I love them both but Alice just pips it to the post x


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