Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award

The lovely Beth over at doodleanddaydream.blogspot.co.uk nominated me for this award so thankyou very much Beth!

Here's how it works:
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Beth's Questions

1. What's your favourite thing about Autumn?

There is nothing i like about Autumn. I share my mums view on this that when Autumn comes around, it means winter is on it's way and i absolutely detest the cold. I don't find anything remotely pleasant about this time of year, if i didn't have to work i would quite happily go into hibernation.
2. What's been your favourite purchase this year?

It's not what i bought myself but what was bought for me and that has to be my Jo Malone perfume and candle in wood sage and sea salt that Carl bought me. I'm treating them both like fine bone china, i'm scared to death of over using/breaking them.
3. What would your perfect date be?

Me and Carl always have good date nights but i would really love to have a night in London. Go on the London eye, somewhere nice for tea, have a walk along the Thames. Ahhh maybe one day.
4. What song is your guilty pleasure?

Hehe i have a few...
Strange - Hanson
Bailamos - Enrique Iglesias
Blame it on the weatherman - B*Witched
We love to boogie - TREX
Queen of clubs - KC & The Sunshine Band

 5. What advice would you give your 13 year old self?

Rachel Townend will always be a cow, don't waste your time trying to be mates with her. In a years time you will twag off school for 2 weeks and have the truancy officer on your case until you leave school, don't do it! Don't try that cig mum asked you to throw off the balcony on holiday, you will still be smoking them 15 years later. Chris Dearing is not the only boyfriend you'll ever have, you'll meet mr right when you're 26.
6. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

A cat. I love cats and i envy their way of life. They spend 3/4 of their lives sleeping, they have someone to feed them, a warm house to live in and they get petted and cuddled all the time. Bliss!!! 
7. What's the number one thing on your bucket list?

Doing a sky dive is quite the bucket list choice for me but my mum really doesn't want me doing it because of an accident that happened during a skydive in the family so i guess my number one thing would be going to New York.
8. What's your favourite food?

This is too difficult a question because i love all food but my favourite has to be chicken dinner, specifically my mums. My mum makes the best roast dinner and does proper veg like parsnips, swede, cabbage, carrots you name it she gets it on there but her gravy is the showstopper, it's sooooo good!
9. What made you start blogging?

I started blogging just before i had my daughter when i was 16 but with a screaming child who constantly wanted my attention, i had to give it up. But i got back into it last year when i realised that i gave up dancing and blogging and i no longer had a hobby of sorts whereas Carl had fishing, playing pool and football amongst other things. So i started it all back up again and never looked back. 
10. What made you smile today?

Nothing yet, it's far too early to be smiling.

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1. If you were only allowed to use one item of make up for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

2. What would be your last meal?

3. Is your cup half full or half empty?

4. Heels, flats or boots?

5. What book/tv show/movie would you like to be a character in?

6.  What smell(s) take you back to your childhood?

7. What are you afraid of?

8.  What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

9. Would you ever take up blogging as a full time career?

10. What is your favourite high street store and why?

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  1. Good answers! I agree, a cat's life does sound perfect! Beth xxx



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