Monday, 20 October 2014

Weekend at Meadowhall

When Carl suggested we head to Sheffield for the weekend to make a start on the Christmas shopping i leapt at the chance simply because i had never been to Meadowhall and i had heard really good things. Plus it's not very often we get any time to ourselves so it was a welcome break for both of us.

I couldn't believe how big it was! The only place i have ever been that was massive was The Trafford Centre in Manchester.

Once we got parked, Carl forewarned me that my legs would ache and it's a possibility we would get lost once we got inside. Pfft i thought! 

I was astounded by how big the place was and the amount of shops there were. Coming from Hull where the town centre has pretty much no shops whatsoever except Primark, it was seriously overwhelming to see stores such as Urban Outfitters, Hotel Chocolat & Ted Baker.

We were a bit spoilt for choice when it came to where to eat for lunch. I really wanted to go to Wagamama's but instead we opted for ED's Diner having heard alot of people rave about it. Me and Carl both had the fried chicken burger and i have to say it was pretty damn good.

Seeing that the Premier Inn we were staying in was literally opposite Meadowhall was a nice surprise. I had a horrible feeling that it was a fair walk/car journey away (god knows why). It was a really nice hotel, you can't go wrong with a Premier Inn and me and Carl were both greatful to take a well earned break and relax for a bit after 4 hours of non stop walking and shopping.

 After enjoying a quick drink in the hotel bar and a selfie where i look like i've been smacked in the face....

We headed back over to Meadowhall to go and watch Annabelle. We had such high hopes for this after seeing The Conjuring but in all honesty, it was shit. We were tempted to walk out at one point and just as we were about to it finally got interesting and we ended up staying until the end but all in all it was crap and definitely not worth going to see. But as soon as it was finished it was tea time!

For tea we decided to go to TGI Fridays which was conveniently right next door to our hotel. The place was packed so we were given a buzzer and told it could be a 30 minute wait. TO THE BAR !!

I wasn't going to come to TGI's without getting a cocktail so i opted for a tequila sunrise, it was seriously good! When we got seated, we were meeted by the most hyperactive server i have ever seen! He was called Jason and i swear he was on something, he was sliding over to the tables with drinks and meals! Speaking of meals...

For a starter we ordered the Uncle Sams boneless chicken wings to share. These were hot as hell and Carl could only manage 3 so i had to finish them off. My tongue actually went numb afterwards!

For our mains, Carl had a massive 16oz steak and i had a surf and turf. Soooo gooood!!!!

We had the best weekend away even though now we've come home with serious food babies and very sore feet it was well worth it. 

I'll be doing a post about what i bought while i was there but of course the majority of our purchases were Christmas presents and i know my daughter will look at this so Sarah, tough luck kidda you'll have to wait till Christmas!


  1. This post made me hungry! I've been going to meadowhall since I was a kid so it's no bigggie to me but I have to say when I lived in Hull I thought it had an amazing amount of shops!

    1. Compared to Hull, this place is like London to me. I was completely overwhelmed by the place i didn't know where to start and we got lost twice! xx


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