Friday, 21 November 2014

Yorkshire Box Charity Raffle // Raising Money For Myeloma UK

Recently i was contacted by Sam from McCarthy's who asked me if i would like to do a blog post about a charity raffle and to raise awareness for Myeloma UK. Of course i was going to do this because raising awareness when it comes to cancer is a big deal for me.

For those who have not heard of Myeloma, it is a rare form of cancer that affects plasma cells ( a type of white blood cell ) which create various anti-bodies that form part of the immune system. Myeloma makes the plasma cells become abnormal and only release one type of useless anti-body that is rubbish against fighting disease. As a result, the cancer affects different parts of the body mainly where bone marrow is present such as the spine, skull, pelvis etc.

Myeloma UK receive no government or NHS funding so it's really important for us to raise awareness and raise money to fund research and help find a cure but to also provide support for healthcare professionals, patients and their families.

So what are this amazing charity doing to raise awareness? Well they're doing a raffle to win a Yorkshire box! I'm a Yorkshire girl born and bred so this box really excites me. It's filled to bursting with all kinds of goodies made in Yorkshire including Timothy Taylor's beers, Farrah's clotted cream toffee and of course, the legendary Yorkshire tea! 

All they ask, is you donate just £2 to Myeloma UK. What could £2 get you these days? Not even a coffee at Starbucks but it can help fund vital research to help cure this awful disease. So not only are you donating to a worthwhile cause, but you could also win a box of goodies to boot! How good is that!

But it doesn't stop there, for every £2 you donate, your name will keep getting added to the hat. So say you donate £30, your name will get chucked in 15 times. I like them odds!

We all know someone who has been affected by cancer one way or another, me included so please help raise awareness and donate just £2 it's such a small amount that can make a mahoosive difference. Thankyou :)

For more information about Myeloma UK click here

For info about the competition and how to enter click here

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Thanks, But No Thanks // Present Giving At Christmas

This is no doubt going to end up as a ranting blog post but i'm cool with that. 

Christmas is the time of year where everyone goes overboard with food, decorations and most of all..presents. I've been guilty of overspending during the festive period and buying mountains of presents for Carl, Saz, mum etc because i feel such satisfaction in seeing all the presents stacked up around the tree on Christmas morning. But i feel it's now time to change my ways and it's all thanks to my mother in law.

Carl's sister had just had her baby and we were all gathering at her house to welcome them home and while we were waiting, i got chatting to Carl's mum about Christmas. She was asking me if we managed to finish all the shopping and when i told her that i was struggling to think of anything to get Carl, she said...

" If you're anything like me and BC ( Carl's Dad ) we don't worry about Christmas for each other. If there's anything we like, we just buy it instead of waiting and concentrate on the kids "

This hit me like a lightning bolt, the sheer volume of logic that went shooting through my brain when she said that was enough to make me stand there in silence thinking to myself. Why the hell don't we just concentrate on the kids at Christmas?

Between us, me and Carl have - 1 daughter, 5 nephews, 2 nieces and 3 god children and we have always set a budget of £20 per child ( except for Sarah who of course gets more ) . When you add it up, that's £200 we have to find and that's aswell as Sarah's presents and things for my mum. When it comes to sorting everyone else out, what's the point in spending another £100 on each other when it's completely unnecessary?

Me and Carl have really talked about this and we decided that buying each other gifts at Christmas was pointless because 

A. There's nothing we want
B. We have a holiday to pay for
C. It's more about the kids

I think Christmas gift buying is taken for granted and alot of people think that because they have a partner and extended family, they MUST buy gifts for them and a stupid amount of gifts at that. From now on, it's all about the kids, we may buy a token gift for each other but considering we spent over £100 on each other last year, i think a Cadbury selection box would be as welcome as an expensive watch or a bottle of perfume. 

Saturday, 8 November 2014

12 Day Blogging Challenge Day 3 - 3 Favourite Things About Christmas Eve

On the list, day 3 was meant to be 'Quote of the day' but to be honest i don't have one and i have done blogging challenges with the same question before so i thought i would change it to my 3 favourite things about Christmas eve.

1. Being able to relax

Unfortunately i have to work Christmas eve and sods law, i'm generally working on the other side of the Humber Bridge which means i'm a 45 minute drive from home. It's really dejecting seeing families going into warm houses all smiles and carrying presents and then there's me, stuck in a police station cleaning carpets. But as soon as i get home, i'm around my family and i can kick my shoes off and relax for a few days and enjoy it all. There's no nicer feeling.

2. Crappy Christmas TV

We all know that Christmas is meant to be one of the best times of year for TV but every Christmas it's the same thing over and over again but quite frankly i don't care. I love watching Toy Story or Babe with a tin of Celebrations and a small medium extra large alcohol beverage.

3. Seeing my daughter excited

So my little girl isn't so little anymore and she may not be as excited about Christmas as she was a few years ago but she still gets a little bit giddy and it makes me excited for her. There's no greater pleasure in life than seeing you child(ren) excited on Christmas eve no matter their age.

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Friday, 7 November 2014

12 Day Blogging Challenge Day 2 - Review a product,service or brand

Review - Barry M Gelly Hi Shine

I think i care more about how my nails look rather than my face, call me odd but i guess after years of concentrating on the belief that my heavy make up made me pass dance exams, it's nice to put the same type of effort into my hands.

I love nail varnish and i have a ridiculous amount of them. My all time favourite brand is Barry M because the finish is fantastic, they have so many different colours and textures and best of all, the price of them is astounding.

I ventured into Superdrug the other week while Carl was busy looking aound a video game shop and when i saw it was 3 for 2 on all cosmetics, i grabbed a basket and went a little crazy and here is one of the items that was spotted first.

It's the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Damson. As you can see it's an electric blue shade with a high shine 'gel nail' finish. I applied this and thought i would maybe get 48 hours from it before it started chipping, however, 8 days later it's still absolutely perfect and not a single chip or nick in sight. I've been loving blue nail varnishes recently and this one is definitely one of my favourites.


Thursday, 6 November 2014

12 Day Blogging Challenge Day 1 - Why Do You Blog + 5 Random Facts

I was never the type to keep a diary as a kid. My parents would buy me them and all i would do was draw in them, never actually document my feelings or what i'd done that day. So i guess a blog to me is a diary to my younger self.

I love to share wether that be presents, memories or just having a general chat about my day and by having a blog, it means that i can not only share my life with my friends but with other bloggers from the other side of the world and to me that's kind of exciting.

My family is like every other, we all enjoy spending time together but we all have our own side hobbies that we like to do on our own. My daughter is at the age where she wants to be out with her friends every spare minute of the day, Carl has fishing and pool and my mum loves nothing better than to play a game on the laptop so i chose to take up blogging again as my hobby now that i am too old ( and fat ) to go back to dancing even though i miss it like you wouldn't believe.

5 Random Facts

1. I'm very good at problem solving
2. I don't have a fear of fire but i don't like being around fire that i'm not in control of
3. I love swimming and if i could be a mermaid i definitely would be
4. I'm descended from Spanish royalty and the Vikings
5. My grandad was a Detective Chief Inspector and solved loads of murders

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

12 Day Blogging Challenge

I do love a blogging challenge, it fills up the void that is created when i have no posts to do. I found this one while having a nosey around Miss Sugar Spice and All Things Nice which is run by the lovely Paige and after looking at the challenge itself, i knew i would have fun doing the posts involved so i will start doing this from tomorrow! Oh i bet you're all excited while you read this, you don't fool me!