Thursday, 6 November 2014

12 Day Blogging Challenge Day 1 - Why Do You Blog + 5 Random Facts

I was never the type to keep a diary as a kid. My parents would buy me them and all i would do was draw in them, never actually document my feelings or what i'd done that day. So i guess a blog to me is a diary to my younger self.

I love to share wether that be presents, memories or just having a general chat about my day and by having a blog, it means that i can not only share my life with my friends but with other bloggers from the other side of the world and to me that's kind of exciting.

My family is like every other, we all enjoy spending time together but we all have our own side hobbies that we like to do on our own. My daughter is at the age where she wants to be out with her friends every spare minute of the day, Carl has fishing and pool and my mum loves nothing better than to play a game on the laptop so i chose to take up blogging again as my hobby now that i am too old ( and fat ) to go back to dancing even though i miss it like you wouldn't believe.

5 Random Facts

1. I'm very good at problem solving
2. I don't have a fear of fire but i don't like being around fire that i'm not in control of
3. I love swimming and if i could be a mermaid i definitely would be
4. I'm descended from Spanish royalty and the Vikings
5. My grandad was a Detective Chief Inspector and solved loads of murders


  1. Theres this place in manchester where you go solve problems ...
    check it out
    you would love it :D

    Alex oxoxox

    1. Oooo! I'll have a nosey after work i love a challenge! Thankya my love xxxx


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