Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Thanks, But No Thanks // Present Giving At Christmas

This is no doubt going to end up as a ranting blog post but i'm cool with that. 

Christmas is the time of year where everyone goes overboard with food, decorations and most of all..presents. I've been guilty of overspending during the festive period and buying mountains of presents for Carl, Saz, mum etc because i feel such satisfaction in seeing all the presents stacked up around the tree on Christmas morning. But i feel it's now time to change my ways and it's all thanks to my mother in law.

Carl's sister had just had her baby and we were all gathering at her house to welcome them home and while we were waiting, i got chatting to Carl's mum about Christmas. She was asking me if we managed to finish all the shopping and when i told her that i was struggling to think of anything to get Carl, she said...

" If you're anything like me and BC ( Carl's Dad ) we don't worry about Christmas for each other. If there's anything we like, we just buy it instead of waiting and concentrate on the kids "

This hit me like a lightning bolt, the sheer volume of logic that went shooting through my brain when she said that was enough to make me stand there in silence thinking to myself. Why the hell don't we just concentrate on the kids at Christmas?

Between us, me and Carl have - 1 daughter, 5 nephews, 2 nieces and 3 god children and we have always set a budget of £20 per child ( except for Sarah who of course gets more ) . When you add it up, that's £200 we have to find and that's aswell as Sarah's presents and things for my mum. When it comes to sorting everyone else out, what's the point in spending another £100 on each other when it's completely unnecessary?

Me and Carl have really talked about this and we decided that buying each other gifts at Christmas was pointless because 

A. There's nothing we want
B. We have a holiday to pay for
C. It's more about the kids

I think Christmas gift buying is taken for granted and alot of people think that because they have a partner and extended family, they MUST buy gifts for them and a stupid amount of gifts at that. From now on, it's all about the kids, we may buy a token gift for each other but considering we spent over £100 on each other last year, i think a Cadbury selection box would be as welcome as an expensive watch or a bottle of perfume. 


  1. Me and Darren aren't buying anything for each other this chrsitmas either! We have a sofa to buy haha so thats our guilt to each other lol ! Completely agree though Darren has 7 siblings and 5 'parents' so its really difficult to afford for everyone !! xxxx

    1. You have a sofa, we have a holiday. PRIORITIES!! Haha. Glad i'm not the only one who feels like it, it just gets completely out of hand and then come January you're flat broke! Not cool!!!!! xxx


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