Friday, 21 November 2014

Yorkshire Box Charity Raffle // Raising Money For Myeloma UK

Recently i was contacted by Sam from McCarthy's who asked me if i would like to do a blog post about a charity raffle and to raise awareness for Myeloma UK. Of course i was going to do this because raising awareness when it comes to cancer is a big deal for me.

For those who have not heard of Myeloma, it is a rare form of cancer that affects plasma cells ( a type of white blood cell ) which create various anti-bodies that form part of the immune system. Myeloma makes the plasma cells become abnormal and only release one type of useless anti-body that is rubbish against fighting disease. As a result, the cancer affects different parts of the body mainly where bone marrow is present such as the spine, skull, pelvis etc.

Myeloma UK receive no government or NHS funding so it's really important for us to raise awareness and raise money to fund research and help find a cure but to also provide support for healthcare professionals, patients and their families.

So what are this amazing charity doing to raise awareness? Well they're doing a raffle to win a Yorkshire box! I'm a Yorkshire girl born and bred so this box really excites me. It's filled to bursting with all kinds of goodies made in Yorkshire including Timothy Taylor's beers, Farrah's clotted cream toffee and of course, the legendary Yorkshire tea! 

All they ask, is you donate just £2 to Myeloma UK. What could £2 get you these days? Not even a coffee at Starbucks but it can help fund vital research to help cure this awful disease. So not only are you donating to a worthwhile cause, but you could also win a box of goodies to boot! How good is that!

But it doesn't stop there, for every £2 you donate, your name will keep getting added to the hat. So say you donate £30, your name will get chucked in 15 times. I like them odds!

We all know someone who has been affected by cancer one way or another, me included so please help raise awareness and donate just £2 it's such a small amount that can make a mahoosive difference. Thankyou :)

For more information about Myeloma UK click here

For info about the competition and how to enter click here

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