Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Hopes & Goals for 2015

My hopes and goals for 2014 ranged from loosing weight to changing my job. I admit that only a couple of them got crossed off which is slightly disappointing but it's that time of year where i have a think about what i want for the new year and get them written down so that i can look back next December and (hopefully) get them ALL crossed off. So what do i want for 2015? Well...

Get a new job

Yes yes i know it may seem like deja vu but i am teetering on the verge of telling my managers to fuck the job and just walk. Excuse me language there but desperate times people. I absolutely detest my job, i work unsociable hours, the sites i work at will ALWAYS have someone who loves to make complaints and the guy i work with is an absolute tool. I've been applying for jobs all the way through Christmas so i hope to god that i get one soon. There will be nothing more satisfying than handing my notice in, it will be the best Christmas present ever.

Fall pregnant

Again, this has been mentioned before but having a goal like this is something that i can't ever shake off. I recently went through what seemed like an endless cycle of hospital visits, blood tests and internal scans because my doctor though i may have PCOS ( it's possible to have this even when you've had children ). But i have got the all clear and the cause for me not falling pregnant is simply because the pill is taking alot longer to leave my system than normal. Me and Carl and especially Sarah are desperate for me to have another baby and add to our family, i hope that this will be our year because recently it's been Carl's sisters getting all the baby news.

Improve my health 

I must loose weight this year, not just for vanity purposes but because i need to improve my health. It's common knowledge that loosing weight improves your chances of falling pregnant ( i was 10 stone when i fell pregnant with my daughter ) so it's a really good incentive for me to really knuckle down this year and shed the weight. Also, i have started smoking again. I'm really angry with myself but i have had so much stress over the last few months that it has been the only thing that has made me feel a sense of calm. Once i restore some kind of normality to my life, i will give up for good.

Learn to calm down

 I do tend to fly off the handle over nothing and i have to stop. Next year, i need to learn to calm down and just take everything in my stride. I always say that if life was simple, it would be boring which just goes to show that life needs challenges to be entertaining. Carl rarely let's me drive because i have road rage, i kick off at my mum over absolutely nothing and i generally lash out over anything pointless. 2015 is the year i breathe and count to 10

Organise my life better 

Have you ever heard the term 'organised chaos'? That term was made for me. I have a busy life and my head is constantly churning away with chores, bills that need paying, cleaning, work, youtube, blogging, family etc and i get confused all the time. Lists are a big part of my life and if i didn't have them there would be serious problems, but this year, i plan to organise my life in such a way that i still have time to do the things i enjoy instead of pushing them aside for everything else. We are going on holiday in March and i have so many lists put together for before we go and i have the added challenge of making sure all three of us have everything we need, it will be the perfect time to start this goal.

 Catch up with old friends

For the whole of 2014, i only saw my friend Gemma ( a very dear friend from school ) twice, two times in a whole year and it's not good enough! Unfortunately she can't drive and she has 3 children and with me working full time and Carl always having the car, it makes seeing each other so difficult. But it's not just her, there are so many old friends who have asked me to go out for a drink or have a catch up and i've just been to busy and it's makes me so sad. I'm going to make a conscious effort in the upcoming year to make time for all my old school/college mates aswell as my new ones. 


Monday, 29 December 2014

What i got for Christmas 2014

I never planned to write a post about this but i'm running so low on ideas for blog posts, that i thought i might aswell.

Me and Carl have had to save for our holiday in March so we decided to not get each other presents but i did get a few gifts off my mum and a couple off our Sarah so here is what i received...

Alice in Wonderland Bag

This caught my eye on the Disney website and i thought Ooo that would be a cute little bag. So when i opened it on Christmas day, i was surprised yet majorly happy to find that it was alot bigger than what i expected and it had a zip. I took it to Carl's parents house on Christmas day evening and it was filled with presents aswell as my own stuff so it's an incredibly handy item and i love it.

Alice in Wonderland everlasting diary

My mum usually gets me a diary of some sort every year and this year was no different, except she really excelled herself this time. This everlasting diary is brilliant because even though it shows the dates, it doesn't say the day like other diarys so it can be used over and over again. However, because it's so beautiful and the illustrations are stunning, i don't think i'll ever be writing in it, it will be put into the collection instead.

Johnny Depp calendar

 Like the diary, mum always buys me a Johnny Depp calendar at Christmas. Next to Alice in Wonderland, J.D is a massive obsession and i'm madly in love with him ( much to Carl's displeasure ). This calendar is awesome because in each photo he has long hair which suits him so much better. Yummy

Absolutely Fabulous DVD Boxset

 I'm a sucker for a boxset and a british comedy series and this is the best of both of those worlds. If you've never seen AB FAB then where have you been?! It's about this woman called Edina Monsoon ( Jennifer Saunders ) who thinks she's a celebrity and with the lifestyle to boot but infact she's a complete ditz who drinks too much champagne along side her friend Patsy Stone ( Joanna Lumley ) who is a champagne swigging, chain smoking, drug taking diva. I've never managed to watch every episode and this boxset is the penultimate set so i'm looking forward to having a bit of a marathon.

Alice in Wonderland mug

This also caught my eye when i found the bag. I loved the quirky 3 mugs in 1 look, it makes it look really complicated ( which of course Wonderland is ). I'm unsure as to wether i'll actually use it for coffee or leave it as decoration because i'm scared it would shatter in the dishwasher. I love it though, so happy with it.

Beauticology gingerbreadbath house

The first of two presents from Sarah was this amazing Beauticology bath set. Firstly, can i just point out how beautiful the packaging is? Even if it had no contents, i would love this little house just by itself. Ok so moving on, the set contains two bath gels which smell like chocolate and gingerbread. I've never been a massive fan of gingerbread to eat but the smell is incredible and this one smells divine. The chocolate one is equally fabulous on the nose. It also came with two body butters, one gingerbread and the other marshmallow. Both smell amazing and i can't wait to use them.

Last but not least the second present from Saz is this cupcake recipe book by Luisa Zissman. I watched the Apprentice which she was a candidate on and i hold my hands up, i thought she was a narcisstic moron who thought the sun shined out of her arse on a daily basis. However, she is good at what she does and having had a quick flick through this book, she knows her stuff and i'm looking forward to trying some of the recipes.

Finally, i got money from Carl's family which i'm putting towards spending money for the holiday. It was kind of strange not getting anything from Carl nor me buying him anything ( except his surprise presents ) but at least it meant we could pay off the holiday. FYI 89 days to go :)

Thursday, 11 December 2014

On The 11th Day Of Blogmas - Garnier Make Up Remover Review // Blogmas 2014

I don't know why make up remover is becoming an up hill battle for most people, including myself. It's a simple product that should (technically) do what it says on the bottle. However, after years of buying different brands, methods and products i'm still no further in my quest to find the perfect one.

I bought this purifying gel from Garnier around two months ago in the hope that it would be my saving grace. I've never used a make up remover where you apply it to your fingers and then directly to the face without a cotton pad so it was a whole new experience for me.

I wear heavy eyeliner and mascara, more specifically Benefit They're Real mascara which is notorious for being hard to remove so in all fairness, i didn't know what to expect. My first impression when i started to rub it into the eye area was that it felt horrible, it was foaming up and felt slightly greasy. It also stung my eyes and when a product claims to be gentle on eyes, you don't expect to be flapping about looking for a flannel to clear the offending product.

Did it remove my make up? Kind of. I ended up with big panda eyes where it had removed the majority of eyeshadow and eyeliner but only some of the mascara. When i woke up the next morning, i would find the dreaded morning eye crease where the remaining make up had seeped down.

This product was a complete let down for me and i won't be repurchasing. I guess my quest for the ultimate make up remover continues.


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

On The Tenth Day Of Blogmas - #Hullbloggers Goodie Bags & Raffle // Blogmas 2014

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The #Hullblogger goodie bags were incredible. As if getting one wasn't enough, we were given a second just before we left!

First up is the large red spotty bag....

 As you can see, the goodie bag was absolutely rammed full of great things. I love the tape from ohhdeer.com which is emblazoned with long blue sausage dogs. I love quirky so this is great for me, i had a browse of the website and i have to admit, i'm a little bit hooked. 

We also got a little gift from Tessies which a beautiful boutique in Hull that i have a soft spot for. I was thrilled to get these midi rings, as a lover of rings above all other jewellery, they couldn't have got it more right (forgive my horrendous chipped nail varnish)

Now for the little brown paper bag....

 I couldn't believe how many discount cards there were in this bag, i'll definitely be getting full use out of them. We also got a sachet of Cocoa Brown tough stuff scrub which i'll be using with my Cocoa brown fake tan, very excited about that because i know how hard fake tan can be when it comes to being removed. 

We were very kindly given a gift card code to use at personal-planner.co.uk which we could use to get out very own personalised planner or notebook. I'm so happy about this because i've been umming and ahhing for a few months now about wether to get one or not, now i have this i have the perfect excuse. 

And finally, we got our amazing personalised photo prints from frameagain.com and i'm absolutely in love with it. Unfortunately, they couldn't attend on the day but they very kindly did these prints for us to put in the goodie bags. As vain as it may seem, i actually had mine done with a photo of myself simply because it's rare i take a good photo so i thought sod it, why the hell not! 

Raffle prize photo thanks to Alex champagneandlemonadeox.co.uk
To round the day off, a raffle was held to raise money for the Look Good Feel Better charity which provides make overs to women battling cancer. Such a fantastic cause and i'm happy to say that between raffle tickets, badges and little baking kits..we managed to raise £137.63 which is brilliant!

The raffle prizes on offer ranged from a Chanel lipstick to food subscription boxes from nail varnish sets to shoe vouchers and everyone was in with a chance of winning something.

I was very lucky to win a years supply of Beverley Hills toothpaste and a car valet from Alex's dad! 

Jen actually won these incredible t-shirts from jpstyle.co.uk and i was a bit jealous i must admit. That was until she asked if i'd like to do a swap for the toothpaste seeing as she is from Hartlepool and not Hull, i didn't argue! So now i have these t-shirts instead and i'm very happy with them. The Hull one pleases me no end.

Once again, i'd like to thank Alex, Jaye and Jenny for organising a really successful meet, it couldn't of gone any better and i'm looking forward to the next one (hopefully without a nasty head cold to contend with )

Look Good feel better Charity - lookgoodfeelbetter.co.uk

Ohh Deer - ohhdeer.com 
House of Blend - thelibraryoffragrance.com

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The balm - thebalm.com
Degusta box - degustabox.com 
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AutoLogic Hessle - Autologichessle.co.uk

Beverly Hills Toothpaste - beverlyhillsformula.com

Gusto box - gousto.co.uk

Coloristiq - Coloristiq.com  
JPstyle boutique - jpstyle.co.uk

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Shade station - shadestation.co.uk

Lipcote - Lipcote.com
Wifty box - wifty.co.uk

Spotted Zebra Company -  thespottedzebracompany.co.uk

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Your Tea - yourtea.com
Andrew Barton - andrewbarton.tv
Monds - mondss.com
Greedy Book - thegreedybook.co.uk
AutoLogic Hessle - Autologichessle.co.uk
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Vitue Ice Tea - virtuedrinks.com
Beverly Hills Toothpaste - beverlyhillsformula.com 

Propercorn - propercorn.com
Gusto box - gousto.co.uk
Coloristiq - Coloristiq.com  

Old el paso - oldelpaso.co.uk
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Frame again - frameagain.com
Lypsyl - lypsylhome.com 
WWF animal print plasters - dermocare.co.uk

Charno Hosiery - charnoshosiery.co.uk
Peanut hottie - peanuthottie.com
Paul Mitchell - paul-mitchell.co.uk
Personal Planner UK - personal-planner.co.uk

Massive thankyou to all the brands that got involved with the meet.

Monday, 8 December 2014

On The Eighth Day Of Blogmas - #HullBloggers Meet // Blogmas 2014

** All links will be at the bottom of the post ** 

Seeing as i'm doing Blogmas and i had my post to write up about the HullBloggers meet, i thought why not tie it all together!

So yesterday, we had the first HullBloggers meet since March and it was organised by Jenny of curiousaliceloves.wordpress.com , Jaye of jayesjournal.com and my very good friend Alex of champagneandlemonadeox.co.uk 

It was held at a very nice cafe/restaurant called Fudge which is located on Princes Avenue in Hull. I've never been there myself before yesterday but i have heard great things from friends and family and they weren't kidding. We were very kindly given the room upstairs which was big and bright and adourned with pastel colours, a day bed and flowers.

I knew i would be seeing alot of familiar faces aswell as some new ones. It was nice to be at a table with friends that i've not seen for a while including Jen, Mars, Meg, Lucy ( And Alex when she wasn't running around! ) 

Photo courtesy of Jen

 Our first talk was from three ladies from Arbonne who talked to us about the brand. It's a range of botanical skincare, haircare and make up. It was really interesting when they came and sat with us and talked us through the range. The whole range smelt incredible and it got to the point where i tried so many different products that i had to go wash my hands!

 Next it was time for the much anticipated afternoon tea. We were all really hungry and when we saw the plates of sandwiches and cakes making their way through, we were all pretty keen to dive straight in.

I've never had afternoon tea before so this was pretty exciting for me. I don't like sandwiches so i dived straight into the sweet things and grabbed myself a piece of brownie and a scone that was absolutely huge. It was so big that i couldn't finish it! We also got a huge plate of nachos to share and they tasted incredible, all homemade!

 Before the raffle prizes were drawn ( i'll talk about this in the next post ).. Alex, Jaye & Jenny went to every table to talk about The Library Of Fragrance and we got to sample three scents that were kindly sent to us. These were Gin & Tonic, Orange blossom and rain. Rain was definitely my favourite. Out of interest, a few of us had a look at the website and it has some bizarre scents such as Cannabis, choc chip cookie and fireplace!

 Overall, the day was well planned out and i loved every minute of it. I got to meet new people though i'm disappointed i didn't get chance to properly talk to them, aswell as seeing alot of old friends who i haven't seen for a while. The next post will be all about the raffle prizes and goodie bags!


Jennie - jennieemma.co.uk

Joanna -  simplyredhead.com 

Courtney - retroandthrift.co.uk 

Sarah - whatsasssays.com 

Sarah - sarahxsarah.com 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

On The 7th Day Of Blogmas - The Best & Worst Of Christmas // Blogmas 2014

Christmas Dinner

Best - Everything about it. Christmas dinner is one of my favourite meals of the year. I know it's a glorified sunday roast, but there's something so wonderful about eating a roast when it's snowing outside and you have your family around you. Then again, you could probably get that in February too if it was particularly cold.

Worst - The preperation seems to take forever and having to time everything so it all cooks at the same speed and time is a fine art that i've only just mastered. Additionally, another bad part about Christmas dinner is that i can never finish it but this year i plan to!


Best - Snow is great to look at when you're sat at home in the warm and don't have any intention of going out. It's quite pretty especially at night

Worst - Being out in it, driving in it and everything else! 

Best  - Cold turkey and chips is a staple meal in our house once the big day is done with, i love cracking open the tin of Celebrations and making turkey soup too.

Worst - Mince pies are revolting. I tried a coffee and chocolate one in Leeds a few years ago and it was amazing but the original mince pies are rank


Best - I tend to get a DVD boxset of some sort from my mum so that usually ends up on the box if Saz doesn't get to it first. If we watch SKY then in the background we have a cooking programme, Babe or something on Dave like Top Gear. 

Worst - I've never watched a Queens speech. I love Her Maj but i don't have the patience to sit there and watch her waffle on about her yearly round up. I'm sure it's important for some people but for me, i have a dishwasher to empty and refill.


Best - I've had so many amazing presents over the years from all of my family so it's really hard trying to pin point the ultimate gift but i'm going to go with the Nintendo SNES i got as a kid. It was a big deal back then and to have one meant you were the King!

Worst - This one is easy. When i was about 5, my parents bought me this life size doll and it scared the absolute living hell out of me. I ran out of the lounge and hid behind the door balling my eyes out telling my sister to get rid of it. It went straight up into the loft and it's still there now. It's propped up against the far wall so it's staring at you when you turn the light on haha.

Christmas Eve

Best - Being able to relax and enjoy what's to come. I work on Christmas eve so i make sure everything is done before then so that when i come home, i have nothing to worry about whatsoever. A hot bath, a chinese and a choc orange mocha and i'm done.

Worst - I wouldn't define this as the worst, but i once went to midnight mass and i hated it. I'm an Atheist so being in a church makes me feel like a massive hypocrite. It was a beautiful service and if i was religious i would've lapped it up, but because i don't believe in anything to do with the church, i didn't enjoy it at all and was happy to leave.