Monday, 1 December 2014

2014 Hopes // Revisited

Way back in December last year, i wrote a blog post about my hopes for 2014. Now, it's a year later so it's time to go back over the list and see if i can check any of them off.
A baby
Unfortunately, me and Carl have not been able to add to our family. It's been a very stressful year for us both and we've had a couple of dissapointments. It's come to the stage now where i have been to my doctor and i am now going for tests to see if there is a problem somewhere. It's a worrying time for us all but we are being hopeful that whatever is wrong can be fixed.

Matching tattoos 

Well this has half happened. I got a tattoo with Carl's name on a few months ago but Carl is yet to get his simply because he wants it to be a surprise when he gets it.
Leave my job

I'm still stuck in this bloody job but i have been applying for others. It's got to the stage now where i dread getting up everyday to go to work. The fun has gone, i'm now working with a completele narcistic dickhead and i've started to despise my manager who used to be a friend. 

Carl becoming the next best thing in fishing

Carl's done brilliantly with his fishing this year and he was fortunate enough to be head hunted by a really good angler and be a part of a pairs team. He's managed to win loads of sections and matches and i'm really proud of him for it.

Lose weight

I set out to lose alot of weight this year but it never happened. I could pour out every excuse in the book but i'm not going to, i have lost some weight but nowhere near what i planned to. There is always next year.

Sarah having a smooth transition into secondary school

This was really important and something i was nervous about but thankfully, her transition into secondary school was swift and painless. She loves her school and has made so many new friends. Every day she is excited and comes home tired but happy and that's exactly what i was hoping for.

Another niece of nephew

I can definitely cross this one off because both of Carl's sisters fell pregnant this year. One is not due until January but the other had a beautiful baby girl called Daisy back in October. Seeing as my sister doesn't want any more kids, it's now my brother and sister in laws turn.

Making my first Youtube video

I was putting this off for so long and i have no idea why because now i have made my first one, it's like second nature!

Mums health improving

In early December last year, i had to put the blog on hold because my mum was rushed into hospital and it was quite serious. Thankfully she was only in for three days and she has made an excellent recovery and has been fine all year. Touch wood we never have to experience it again because it was terrifying.
Carl popping the question

This was a hope that i knew was unlikely to happen and i was right. I guess 2014 has not been the right year for Carl to propose to me but who knows what 2015 will bring.


  1. Lets motivate each other to loose weight next year ;) haha !! xxxx

    1. Deal! Though i think salted caramel may stop us somewhere down the line hahaha xxx


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