Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Disappointing Products #1

MAC Eyeliner pencil

Introduce me to a person who knows more about eyeliner than i do and i will ask them how they feel about this eyeliner pencil from MAC because frankly, i think it's absolutely rubbish. The first time i used it i was impressed with the longevity of it and the texture being good enough for sharp or smudged lines but once i sharpened it, it became more like a crayon. It became very waxy and the nib would break off as soon as it touched my eyelid and it would dissapear after an hour of wear. I'm really angry actually because MAC are generally very good with their make up but this is going straight in the bin.

LUSH Snow fairy shower gel

YUK YUK YUK is the only way i can describe this. I love LUSH and normally, i can't fault their products but this is absolutely dire. Ok i may be slightly over exagerating but i can't understand the hype around it. It's sickly sweet and i mean literally, sugar vomit. I couldn't bring myself to even use it in the shower in the hope it may smell a little different, just lifting the cap was enough to put me off it completely. 

THE BODY SHOP Satsuma body mist

 The scent of orange is familiar to most people and is classed as one of the most welcoming smells going. I agree with this most definitely, however, this body mist is way too much. Don't get me wrong it definitely smells of orange but it has a nasty chemical after smell to it. I sprayed it a couple of times on a cardigan i was wearing and at first it smelt fantastic but then 30 minutes or so later, it smelt like something that had been created in a test tube. Body Shop really need to have a closer look at the formula for this because something has gone wrong somewhere in the process and it's such a shame because the rest of the satsuma range is beautiful.

LEE STAFFORD Leave in treatment

I had high hopes for this having been a fan of Lee Stafford products for many years but this leave in treatment did absolutely nothing for my hair. I have really dry hair that needs a bit of help now and again and i dye it frequently which adds to the damage. When i used this, the first thing i noticed was the consistency which was slightly sticky which i really didn't like, the smell was lovely as is usually the case with the range but the next day, i didn't notice any obvious change in the state of my hair except that it looked greasy. Another product that should be brilliant but is a complete let down.

NIVEA Cleansing Mousse

 Anything gentle for my skin grabs my attention and this was no exception. Unfortunately it soon became a product that i regretted buying. It comes out of the pump like whisked egg white and when i applied it to my face, it pretty much disappeared. It didn't leave my face feeling any different and it definitely didn't cleanse because the following day, i broke out in the most horrendous spots. Yet another gimmick skin care item that sounds incredible but is plain rubbish.

NIVEA Stress protect deodrant

Nivea are more often than not on the ball when it comes to deodrants and they are a favourite of mine. However, this one is not one i would use again simply for the smell. I have always hated the smell of cloves ever since i used clove oil when i had toothache many moons ago and this deodrant is rife with it. I don't know why clove scent is used or if it has a specific purpose when it comes to body odour or sweat control but it completely ruined this product for me. 

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