Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Empties #1

I completely forgot that i began to acumulate a bag of empty products so here is my first ever empties post!

FUDGE Smooth shot conditioner

FUDGE has been a firm favourite hair care wise for many years now and i'm sad that i've run out of this. Unfortunately when there are three of us using it, it was never going to last forever. It smells incredible, just like being in a salon.

LUSH Ocean salt scrub

My new favourite item in my skincare regime. This scrub has changed my life which may sound massively exagerated but i'm not kidding. Before i used this, my face was peeling like crazy and i had a massive build up of dead skin that wouldn't shift. Now i use this, my face is completely different. I absolutely love this stuff.

TREACLEMOON The raspberry kiss bath and shower gel

I came across this randomly while picking up some shower gel in Tesco. I usually go for Imperial Leather but this caught my eye and i'm glad it did. It's heavily scented and makes a good lather which is what you need in a good shower gel. Unfortunately it was limited edition but hopefully it will come back again soon.

CAREX Fun edition hand washes

I love a novelty product and these were just that. We go through handwash like water in our house and these injected a little bit of fun into what is predominently a boring task. They smell exactly like what they are, i really loved the cola bottle one.

DOVE Go fresh deodrant

I've never used a Dove deodrant before so i decided to try this pomegranate one. It smelt lovely and did the job but would i buy it again? If it was on offer then yes i would, i don't have a strict one product policy when it comes to deodrant, i just buy whatever is cheapest.

BODYSHOP Raspberry shower gel

This shower gel lasted two days because the three of us ended up using it all up each time we showered. Considering i paid (i think) £6 for it, i didn't get much for my money. It smells nice enough and made a good lather but for the price, it wasn't worth it.

ANDREW BARTON S.O.S Help me hair treatment

I really like this. I needed a hair treatment that would sort out the dry areas of my hair so instead of applying this all over, i just rubbed it into the ends of my hair and the difference it made was pretty amazing. I will definitely be buying it again.

LADY GAGA Fame shower gel

This came in a box set with the perfume and when i get a set like that, i use the perfume but then throw everything else in the drawer. But i decided to use this when i ran out of shower gel one day and i really REALLY like it. It comes out of the bottle like tar which is a little offputting but it smells incredible and the scent stays on your skin which i really liked.

CLINIQUE 7 day scrub cream

This was only a sample size but i got some fair use out of it. Nothing can compete with the Lush sea salt scrub but this was pretty good. I wouldn't buy a full size one simply because i love the Lush one too much.

IMPULSE Body sprays

These are two of my favourite scents from Impulse; Loving words and Very pink. They are sweet scents but they aren't sickly and they're good for a quick spritz on the go. Carl calls them a shower in a can!


This should really be in my upcoming dissapointing products post but seeing as i (somehow) managed to use it up, i thought i better sling it in here. I don't know what it is about this product, i think it's the consistency but it just didn't work for me. It was incredibly thick and felt really claggy on application. For YSL i expected big things from this but i was seriously let down. Unfortunately, my need to use things up and not throw them away half finished is my reason for it being empty now. 


Nothing exciting about this but it's an empty bottle of my favourite mouthwash that i've been using for about 4-5 years. It's gentle, doesn't sting and tastes nice. I can't be doing with Listerine or Oral B, it feels like i'm washing my mouth out with battery acid.


Last but not least i have a candle and a lovely one it is too. Kringle do great candles that actually pump out a scent when they're lit unlike most others. The best way i can describe the scent for this one, is it's got the undertones of a mans aftershave. Carl really liked this one so it's definitely a masculine scent but i really liked it too.

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