Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Hopes & Goals for 2015

My hopes and goals for 2014 ranged from loosing weight to changing my job. I admit that only a couple of them got crossed off which is slightly disappointing but it's that time of year where i have a think about what i want for the new year and get them written down so that i can look back next December and (hopefully) get them ALL crossed off. So what do i want for 2015? Well...

Get a new job

Yes yes i know it may seem like deja vu but i am teetering on the verge of telling my managers to fuck the job and just walk. Excuse me language there but desperate times people. I absolutely detest my job, i work unsociable hours, the sites i work at will ALWAYS have someone who loves to make complaints and the guy i work with is an absolute tool. I've been applying for jobs all the way through Christmas so i hope to god that i get one soon. There will be nothing more satisfying than handing my notice in, it will be the best Christmas present ever.

Fall pregnant

Again, this has been mentioned before but having a goal like this is something that i can't ever shake off. I recently went through what seemed like an endless cycle of hospital visits, blood tests and internal scans because my doctor though i may have PCOS ( it's possible to have this even when you've had children ). But i have got the all clear and the cause for me not falling pregnant is simply because the pill is taking alot longer to leave my system than normal. Me and Carl and especially Sarah are desperate for me to have another baby and add to our family, i hope that this will be our year because recently it's been Carl's sisters getting all the baby news.

Improve my health 

I must loose weight this year, not just for vanity purposes but because i need to improve my health. It's common knowledge that loosing weight improves your chances of falling pregnant ( i was 10 stone when i fell pregnant with my daughter ) so it's a really good incentive for me to really knuckle down this year and shed the weight. Also, i have started smoking again. I'm really angry with myself but i have had so much stress over the last few months that it has been the only thing that has made me feel a sense of calm. Once i restore some kind of normality to my life, i will give up for good.

Learn to calm down

 I do tend to fly off the handle over nothing and i have to stop. Next year, i need to learn to calm down and just take everything in my stride. I always say that if life was simple, it would be boring which just goes to show that life needs challenges to be entertaining. Carl rarely let's me drive because i have road rage, i kick off at my mum over absolutely nothing and i generally lash out over anything pointless. 2015 is the year i breathe and count to 10

Organise my life better 

Have you ever heard the term 'organised chaos'? That term was made for me. I have a busy life and my head is constantly churning away with chores, bills that need paying, cleaning, work, youtube, blogging, family etc and i get confused all the time. Lists are a big part of my life and if i didn't have them there would be serious problems, but this year, i plan to organise my life in such a way that i still have time to do the things i enjoy instead of pushing them aside for everything else. We are going on holiday in March and i have so many lists put together for before we go and i have the added challenge of making sure all three of us have everything we need, it will be the perfect time to start this goal.

 Catch up with old friends

For the whole of 2014, i only saw my friend Gemma ( a very dear friend from school ) twice, two times in a whole year and it's not good enough! Unfortunately she can't drive and she has 3 children and with me working full time and Carl always having the car, it makes seeing each other so difficult. But it's not just her, there are so many old friends who have asked me to go out for a drink or have a catch up and i've just been to busy and it's makes me so sad. I'm going to make a conscious effort in the upcoming year to make time for all my old school/college mates aswell as my new ones. 


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