Sunday, 7 December 2014

On The 7th Day Of Blogmas - The Best & Worst Of Christmas // Blogmas 2014

Christmas Dinner

Best - Everything about it. Christmas dinner is one of my favourite meals of the year. I know it's a glorified sunday roast, but there's something so wonderful about eating a roast when it's snowing outside and you have your family around you. Then again, you could probably get that in February too if it was particularly cold.

Worst - The preperation seems to take forever and having to time everything so it all cooks at the same speed and time is a fine art that i've only just mastered. Additionally, another bad part about Christmas dinner is that i can never finish it but this year i plan to!


Best - Snow is great to look at when you're sat at home in the warm and don't have any intention of going out. It's quite pretty especially at night

Worst - Being out in it, driving in it and everything else! 

Best  - Cold turkey and chips is a staple meal in our house once the big day is done with, i love cracking open the tin of Celebrations and making turkey soup too.

Worst - Mince pies are revolting. I tried a coffee and chocolate one in Leeds a few years ago and it was amazing but the original mince pies are rank


Best - I tend to get a DVD boxset of some sort from my mum so that usually ends up on the box if Saz doesn't get to it first. If we watch SKY then in the background we have a cooking programme, Babe or something on Dave like Top Gear. 

Worst - I've never watched a Queens speech. I love Her Maj but i don't have the patience to sit there and watch her waffle on about her yearly round up. I'm sure it's important for some people but for me, i have a dishwasher to empty and refill.


Best - I've had so many amazing presents over the years from all of my family so it's really hard trying to pin point the ultimate gift but i'm going to go with the Nintendo SNES i got as a kid. It was a big deal back then and to have one meant you were the King!

Worst - This one is easy. When i was about 5, my parents bought me this life size doll and it scared the absolute living hell out of me. I ran out of the lounge and hid behind the door balling my eyes out telling my sister to get rid of it. It went straight up into the loft and it's still there now. It's propped up against the far wall so it's staring at you when you turn the light on haha.

Christmas Eve

Best - Being able to relax and enjoy what's to come. I work on Christmas eve so i make sure everything is done before then so that when i come home, i have nothing to worry about whatsoever. A hot bath, a chinese and a choc orange mocha and i'm done.

Worst - I wouldn't define this as the worst, but i once went to midnight mass and i hated it. I'm an Atheist so being in a church makes me feel like a massive hypocrite. It was a beautiful service and if i was religious i would've lapped it up, but because i don't believe in anything to do with the church, i didn't enjoy it at all and was happy to leave.

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