Monday, 8 December 2014

On The Eighth Day Of Blogmas - #HullBloggers Meet // Blogmas 2014

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Seeing as i'm doing Blogmas and i had my post to write up about the HullBloggers meet, i thought why not tie it all together!

So yesterday, we had the first HullBloggers meet since March and it was organised by Jenny of , Jaye of and my very good friend Alex of 

It was held at a very nice cafe/restaurant called Fudge which is located on Princes Avenue in Hull. I've never been there myself before yesterday but i have heard great things from friends and family and they weren't kidding. We were very kindly given the room upstairs which was big and bright and adourned with pastel colours, a day bed and flowers.

I knew i would be seeing alot of familiar faces aswell as some new ones. It was nice to be at a table with friends that i've not seen for a while including Jen, Mars, Meg, Lucy ( And Alex when she wasn't running around! ) 

Photo courtesy of Jen

 Our first talk was from three ladies from Arbonne who talked to us about the brand. It's a range of botanical skincare, haircare and make up. It was really interesting when they came and sat with us and talked us through the range. The whole range smelt incredible and it got to the point where i tried so many different products that i had to go wash my hands!

 Next it was time for the much anticipated afternoon tea. We were all really hungry and when we saw the plates of sandwiches and cakes making their way through, we were all pretty keen to dive straight in.

I've never had afternoon tea before so this was pretty exciting for me. I don't like sandwiches so i dived straight into the sweet things and grabbed myself a piece of brownie and a scone that was absolutely huge. It was so big that i couldn't finish it! We also got a huge plate of nachos to share and they tasted incredible, all homemade!

 Before the raffle prizes were drawn ( i'll talk about this in the next post ).. Alex, Jaye & Jenny went to every table to talk about The Library Of Fragrance and we got to sample three scents that were kindly sent to us. These were Gin & Tonic, Orange blossom and rain. Rain was definitely my favourite. Out of interest, a few of us had a look at the website and it has some bizarre scents such as Cannabis, choc chip cookie and fireplace!

 Overall, the day was well planned out and i loved every minute of it. I got to meet new people though i'm disappointed i didn't get chance to properly talk to them, aswell as seeing alot of old friends who i haven't seen for a while. The next post will be all about the raffle prizes and goodie bags!


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  1. Missing you already!!
    such a great meet up xxx

    1. It really was. Missing you too mate, we really need to stop leaving it so long xxx

  2. i wanted to come but I couldn't afford it, looks great!

    1. It was brilliant, it couldn't of gone any better


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