Monday, 1 December 2014

On The First Day Of Blogmas - My Family Traditions // Blogmas 2014

I wouldn't say we are an overly traditional family when it comes to Christmas, but we do have a few rituals that we keep going every year.


Me and my mum start present shopping in September for the simple reason that we hate shopping at the best of times and we know that if we get in there early and do it all online, we can have it delivered to the house without having to queue or get stuck in all the madness. Plus it means we can relax in December without all the worry of 'will we get one of those'? or 'Oh my god they're going to sell out'!

Christmas Eve

On the morning of Christmas Eve, i put all the presents around the tree. We never put them down any earlier simply because we don't want someone looking in and thinking they can rob us! Carl and Sarah aren't at work or school but i'm usually at work so once i'm done, i'll get myself home and find Saz beside herself with excitement. 

We always have a takeaway on Christmas Eve too, well let's be honest, who wants to be cooking the night before you're cooking the biggest meal of the year? 

On the evening we simply relax and watch maybe a Christmas film or whatever is on the box. 

Christmas Day

Now that Saz is getting older, she isn't waking up at an ungodly hour on Christmas morning anymore but we'll be lucky to sleep anything past 7am. The day starts with a glass of champagne and cranberry while Saz opens her stocking. Then we have some breakfast and start on the presents. 

Christmas dinner is usually done for 2pm, i don't know why we go for that time, i guess it's so we don't have to worry too much about tea. In the afternoon we'll head over to Carl's parents to see his family.

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