Tuesday, 2 December 2014

On The Second Day Of Blogmas - Christmas Tag // Blogmas 2014

My Instagram photos from Christmas 2013
When do you start getting excited for Christmas?

In all honesty, i don't get excited about Christmas anymore. It's exciting for Saz because she's a kid and there's no nicer sight than seeing your child excited about Christmas but for me, i'm just glad to see the back of it. It's months of planning, stress and money for 24 hours of madness. It's an expensive do 

Do you still have an Advent Calendar?
No and i'm pissed off about it. My mum and Carl have told me i'm too old to have one but i completely disagree with them. Next year i'm making a stand and demanding one.

What are you're favourite Christmas Films?

I have a few! The classics like Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street etc. Father Christmas (the animated one) is a definite favourite. Even at 28 i still find it hilarious. I also love watching The Holiday is my ultimate Christmas film though, it makes me feel warm inside.

Do you have any funny Christmas Memories?

 Christmas eve 2011, i got absolutely battered (drunk) and the next day i woke up with the most apocalyptic hangover. Anyway, every Christmas, it's my job to cut, peel and cook the swede and because i was still majorly drunk, i managed to burn it to the point where i set the pan on fire. But instead of being angry with myself, i was so drunk that i just shrugged it off and ate some celebrations instead. 

Talk us through your typical Christmas Day?
We normally get woken up around 7-7:30am and we all go downstairs, make up some bucks fizz and watch Saz open up her stocking. Once that's done we go get showers, have breakfast and me and mum will start prepping the veg and put the turkey in. Once that's all done, we open our presents. We eat our dinner around 2pm then we head over to Carl's parents house for a couple of hours. The rest of the day is spent nursing food babies and watching trashy Christmas TV while drinking a copious amount of alcohol.

What do you eat for Christmas Dinner?
Ok...Turkey, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, swede, carrots, pigs in blankets, crispy bacon cabbage, sprouts (not for me), stuffing, yorkie puds and my mums gravy which is the best by far. Oh and my mum makes bread sauce but i can't bring myself to eat the stuff. I've not managed to finish a Christmas dinner so i cover up whatever is left and have it for tea. We don't usually have pudding because we're all so full but we always have mince pies and chocolates.

Do you have any Christmas Traditions?
Have a read of Blogmas day 1!

What are your favourite Christmas Songs?
Chris Rea - Driving home for Christmas has always been my favourite song. I love the Pogues fairytale of new york, but Chris Rea's song really gets me in the mood.

What is the best Christmas Present you've ever received?
This is really difficult because i have had some fantastic presents in my life. But thinking back over everything, i think the ultimate Christmas present was when i got a Nintendo SNES console when i was a little kid. I felt like the dogs bollocks with that thing, having to blow into the game cartridges when the game froze and the low pixel screen display. Ah the memories of shouting at Mario on Christmas day are a heartfelt memory. 

A real or fake Christmas Tree?
Fake everytime. We had a real Christmas tree once and it was a complete nightmare. Firstly we have 2 cats and they took a real liking to climbing up the stalk of it and bringing it down multiple times, then came having to hoover up the bloody pine needles everyday and then to top it all off...it stunk! I love our fake tree, we've had it for years and it's still like new. It's perfect.

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