Monday, 29 December 2014

What i got for Christmas 2014

I never planned to write a post about this but i'm running so low on ideas for blog posts, that i thought i might aswell.

Me and Carl have had to save for our holiday in March so we decided to not get each other presents but i did get a few gifts off my mum and a couple off our Sarah so here is what i received...

Alice in Wonderland Bag

This caught my eye on the Disney website and i thought Ooo that would be a cute little bag. So when i opened it on Christmas day, i was surprised yet majorly happy to find that it was alot bigger than what i expected and it had a zip. I took it to Carl's parents house on Christmas day evening and it was filled with presents aswell as my own stuff so it's an incredibly handy item and i love it.

Alice in Wonderland everlasting diary

My mum usually gets me a diary of some sort every year and this year was no different, except she really excelled herself this time. This everlasting diary is brilliant because even though it shows the dates, it doesn't say the day like other diarys so it can be used over and over again. However, because it's so beautiful and the illustrations are stunning, i don't think i'll ever be writing in it, it will be put into the collection instead.

Johnny Depp calendar

 Like the diary, mum always buys me a Johnny Depp calendar at Christmas. Next to Alice in Wonderland, J.D is a massive obsession and i'm madly in love with him ( much to Carl's displeasure ). This calendar is awesome because in each photo he has long hair which suits him so much better. Yummy

Absolutely Fabulous DVD Boxset

 I'm a sucker for a boxset and a british comedy series and this is the best of both of those worlds. If you've never seen AB FAB then where have you been?! It's about this woman called Edina Monsoon ( Jennifer Saunders ) who thinks she's a celebrity and with the lifestyle to boot but infact she's a complete ditz who drinks too much champagne along side her friend Patsy Stone ( Joanna Lumley ) who is a champagne swigging, chain smoking, drug taking diva. I've never managed to watch every episode and this boxset is the penultimate set so i'm looking forward to having a bit of a marathon.

Alice in Wonderland mug

This also caught my eye when i found the bag. I loved the quirky 3 mugs in 1 look, it makes it look really complicated ( which of course Wonderland is ). I'm unsure as to wether i'll actually use it for coffee or leave it as decoration because i'm scared it would shatter in the dishwasher. I love it though, so happy with it.

Beauticology gingerbreadbath house

The first of two presents from Sarah was this amazing Beauticology bath set. Firstly, can i just point out how beautiful the packaging is? Even if it had no contents, i would love this little house just by itself. Ok so moving on, the set contains two bath gels which smell like chocolate and gingerbread. I've never been a massive fan of gingerbread to eat but the smell is incredible and this one smells divine. The chocolate one is equally fabulous on the nose. It also came with two body butters, one gingerbread and the other marshmallow. Both smell amazing and i can't wait to use them.

Last but not least the second present from Saz is this cupcake recipe book by Luisa Zissman. I watched the Apprentice which she was a candidate on and i hold my hands up, i thought she was a narcisstic moron who thought the sun shined out of her arse on a daily basis. However, she is good at what she does and having had a quick flick through this book, she knows her stuff and i'm looking forward to trying some of the recipes.

Finally, i got money from Carl's family which i'm putting towards spending money for the holiday. It was kind of strange not getting anything from Carl nor me buying him anything ( except his surprise presents ) but at least it meant we could pay off the holiday. FYI 89 days to go :)


  1. I think we have similar tastes! LOVE that bag!!

    1. I lurve Alice in Wonderland if it wasn't obvious haha. The bag is amazing, i have to stop myself using it everyday otherwise it will get nackered

  2. OMG that bag is super cute, Love the cup too.
    Hope you had a great christmas !!


    1. I did it was lovely and relaxed ( for a change ) hope you did too!!! xxx


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