Sunday, 4 January 2015

Elegant touch false nails // Twinkle Twinkle

Biting my nails became a thing of the past six years ago and i have managed to have relatively nice long nails ever since. But sometimes, even i can't be bothered to manicure, buff, polish and maintain them so i do on (very rare) occasions buy myself a set of false nails. I saw these Elegant Touch ones in Twinkle Twinkle and i thought they would be great for New Year so i bought them and hoped they would give me a beautiful, sparkly manicure.

As with all false nail kits, you get the false nails themselves which come in an array of sizes, a nail buffer and usually a small tube of nail glue but these came with sticky tabs which intrigued me. Nail glue usually comes off really easily aslong as you apply it to the false nail and not your own but it can leave a horrible, hard mass on your nail when they come off but with these, i knew there would be no chance of that happening and they would leave no residue (hopefully)

 Application was relatively painless and straightforward, the main ballache with false nails is spending the time finding the right fit for each nail, trimming them down to size, applying the adhesive etc but these were definitely alot easier to do than the ones with glue. All was looking well it would seem....

Oh they looked so pretty and sparkly and i was thrilled with them, until 10 minutes later when i picked up my phone to take some pictures and two pinged off. Not a massive problem because i just pushed them back on but everytime i did something, they would keep coming off! And not just now and again, but literally every 10-20 minutes! I never have it this bad with glue ones. I thought that sticky tabs would be a revelation but quite frankly, they're bloody rubbish!

These nails would be great if they came with glue as they would be alot more durable. I would've used glue on them after all the faff but with the sticky tab still being attached to the nail, it would've been counter productive but the next time i buy any Elegant touch nails, i will definitely be using glue and avoiding the alternative adhesive method.


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