Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Holiday Packing 101 // The Survival Kit

On the 29th of March; myself, Carl and Sarah are jetting off to the sunny (and much warmer destination) of Playa De Las Americas in Tenerife and i cannot even begin to tell you how excited and ready i am for this holiday. The last sunshine break i had was in 2008 when i went to Ibiza with my friend Gemma, i know i know! You don't need to remind me that was seven years ago but as you get older and bills start to become the norm, it's near enough impossible to save the money for a holiday.

Of course with going on holiday, it means endless planning and making sure you pack everything you need. That's why i'm doing some blog posts about holiday packing and sharing with you what i take and all the essentials i think is needed for a relaxing and stress free holiday. In this post, it's all about the survival kit. My survival kit includes...

Compeed & regular plasters - These are essential, infact they're so important that i will have to repeat that and put it in capitals. THESE ARE ESSENTIAL! I'm travelling with my 11 year old who will no doubt be running riot the whole time we are there and accidents will happen so having a plentiful supply of plasters for those little scrapes are a staple in my survival kit. Having Compeed blister patches are a must also for all those new holiday shoe blisters that we all get.

Tweezers - I wouldn't be without this little instrument. Not only is it compulsary for eyebrow maintenance and for plucking out those irritating stray hairs that your shaver inadvertantly missed out, but they're useful for getting splinters out. Ok so we're on holiday but you just never know!

Painkillers - Another crucial element. Headaches, period pains, sun burn, hangover; you are almost certainly guaranteed to get at least one of them while you're on holiday so taking some decent painkillers with you is vital. I take Solpadeine Max which is codeine and paracetamol; if you are in pain, you want it gone quick and these will definitely speed up the recovery.

Dioralyte sachets - I've never understood why this is, but when you land in a hot country you tend to have the runs pretty much straight away and it's not the best way to start the holiday. Taking rehydration sachets like these is a great idea because all you do is get a glass of water (making sure it's bottled) pour in the contents of a sachet and drink it straight down. It restores all the salts and fluids you have lost from having a dicky tummy and instantly rehydrates you. They're also great for hangovers.

Immodium - For exactly the same reason as the Dioralyte. Immodium are the best thing for stopping a runny tummy and quite frankly, the sooner it stops, the sooner you can go enjoy yourself in the sun!

Cold gel patches - These are specifically made to relieve migraines and that's one of the reasons why i take these with me because i do sadly suffer with them. But they are also great for the night time when you are trying to sleep. Thankfully, i can sleep when it's humid but Carl and Sarah find it quite difficult. So i take these with us and all they do, is pop one on their forehead when they go to bed and it cools them down enough to drift off. Alot of your body heat comes from the head so it's a pretty good idea when you think about it.

Cold & flu tablets - It's common knowledge that the oxygen on a plane is recycled so if someone on your flight has a cold, there is a possibility you will soon have it aswell (i've been there and it's so annoying) Having learnt from experience, i now take some kind of cold and flu medication everytime i go on holiday just incase.

E45 Hydrocortisone cream - Oo that's a moutful. This is an itch cream that i have used on Sarah's eczema ever since she was a baby and it's brilliant. It's not only good for eczema but for mosquito bites aswell. 

I would never consider going away even if it's in the UK without my survival kit. It's always a good idea (especially if you have kids) to be prepared for every eventuality. Plus Carl is a clumsy sod and will end up hurting himself at some point.


  1. Eeee hope you have an amazing holiday ! Your such a mum packing all this stuff ;) xx

    1. So do i!! God knows we need it. Haha i know, it's what happens when you become a parent. Nothing short of taking the whole house to be prepared for everything xxx

  2. I'm going to the same place in December to get out of the cold weather! Love the top tips!

  3. I'll bring you some sun back in April if you bring me some back in December haha


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