Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Theory Of Everything // Film Review

When i saw this advertised, i didn't make a conscious effort to immediately go out and watch it. Not that i don't like Stephen Hawking, but this kind of film isn't really my cup of tea. Oh how wrong i was about that...

The theory of everything is solely based on Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane. Stephen met Jane at Cambridge in the 60s, they fell in love and got married. All sweetness and butterflies you may think, but Stephen starts to develop problems with his hands and feet and ends up falling. In hospital, he is diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and is told he only has two years to live. 

With this playing on his mind, he pushes everyone close to him away, including Jane. However, with the love she had for him, she stood by his side and cared for him as his ailment continued to take over. They had three children together and Stephens mind continued to work and work which resulted in him doing talks about The Big Bang and such until he fell ill with pneumonia and ended up in a coma. Jane refused to let his life support be turned off and instead took the only other option, which was for Stephen to have a tracheostomy but this would mean him never speaking again.

Time passes and Jane has to accept that she needs help to care for Stephen so she asks for the help of a specialist nurse called Elaine who's husband fits a special computer to Stephens wheelchair which means he is able to speak just be clicking a little switch. Jane falls in love with her choir master at the church, Jonathan, who had been helping them previously and became good friends with Stephen. Jane eventually admits defeat and her and Stephen seperate, with Jane falling into the arms of Jonathan but Stephen isn't left on his own. He marries Elaine and is soon granted a CBE from the Queen. The films ends with Stephen and Jane looking at their three grown up children and Stephen saying ' Look what we made together '.

Before i watched this, i knew very little about Stephen Hawking and his actual life. This film really opened up my eyes to the struggles that Jane had with looking after three children while also caring for the man she deeply loved.  It also showed me that even when he was given a two year window of life left, he defied everything and beat the odds ( he is now 73 )

Even if this may not seem like the kind of film you generally watch, i recommend you at least give it a try. It's one of the most heartwarming, eye opening films i have ever seen and it really pulled at my heartstrings. It's well worth a watch

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