Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sometimes, things have to change for the better

I knew this post would have to get written sooner or later and it's all off the top of my head, nothing planned or written down in advance.

A few weeks ago, i was offered a job and i openly told everyone about it. But after some consideration and having a chat with my family, taking the job just wouldn't have worked. It's a 40 minute drive from home and i would've started my shift at 4pm which is when Carl finishes work and with us only having 1 car, it would've left us in a really difficult situation. Mainly with Carl having to stay at his parents house monday to friday until 9pm when i could pick him up and neither of us were happy with that so it was back to the drawing board.

Thankfully, i was lucky enough to be offered a job at my old place of work from a few years ago. Proper office hours, working in town so i can get a bus everyday without having to take the car from Carl and no more working until 10pm cleaning bloody police custody cells! I start there tomorrow (9th February) But with good things there has to be some bad...

Because i will be out from 8am - 6pm monday to friday, there is going to be so little time for me to put my all into Blogging. Weekends i will be working occasionally but with me working all week, i want to see my weekends as family time. So because of this, blogging won't be as frequent as it has been of late. But fear not, i have big plans.

With me working in an office, i will have the time to sit down and jot down notes and post ideas while i work which is something i could never do when i worked for the Police and also because i am working in town, i can go shopping on my lunch hour which lets face it, isn't a bad thing whatsoever.

Until i can put together some kind of schedule and buy myself a light box for my photos, blogging is on a slight hiatus but it's not forever i promise, it's just until i get into a routine in my new job and i can work out a work/family/blogging balance. I do have a little treat for you all though, me and Carl will be doing the 'Who is more likely' tag and making a video for a special valentines blog post so keep an eye out for that, i promise it will be very funny and we may end up killing each other. It's all good fun.


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  1. Congratulations Kate! Very well deserved :)

    Best of luck today, hope you have a fabulous first day!

    I work similar hours and it is tricky fitting everything in as you're right - weekends do become quite precious - but you'll adapt and find what frequency is right for you and Pieces of Kate.

    Mars xx


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