Monday, 2 February 2015

SRO - Seasonal Routine Overload // A Rant

The posts where i have a rant about a topic are few and far between but they only ever happen when i have a genuine reason to blow off some steam. This time, i'm ranting about SRO ( Seasonal Routine Overload )

What i mean by this, is bloggers & Youtubers who are creating skincare/pampering/make up routines according to the seasons or holidays. Allow me to elaborate on this..

Over the past year, i have seen one Youtuber make videos about her morning, evening, spring, summer, autumn, winter and even Halloween routine. Now correct me if i'm wrong, but who in their right mind has the time or money to change their routine to suit the season or holiday? No one does so why are you pretending to have one?

Let's just reel this in a little bit. Every morning, we all have a somewhat conventional  routine when it comes to how we start our day; getting up, dressed, washed, breakfast, out the door job done. If you're one of the lucky types who has more time in a morning than most, you may apply some make up or have a shower, that's absolutely fine. An evening routine? Well the same applies i guess except for not putting make up on (i'm open to being challenged on this if it applies to you). But in my 28 years of living on this earth, i have never changed my routine to suit the bloody weather!!

In the videos this Youtuber made, the only difference in them was she maybe ate something different for breakfast or changed the colour of lipstick she was wearing. I would hardly justify that as a change in routine, i would call it making a copy of your previous video but changing a couple of points to make it look different. Some of her younger viewers may see these videos as fascinating and follow her example, but quite frankly i firmly believe that she can't think of bugger all else to film about!

But just today i have seen it all, a valentines day routine? Dear god when i thought it couldn't get any more bizarre; someone has decided to talk about what they do on valentines day? We all do the same damn thing on valentines day..we get up, go to work, come home and maybe have a night out with our other halves. We doll ourselves up, have some food, maybe a bit of nookie then fall asleep like the rest of human civilization. We don't change our entire skin care routine in the hope it will put our partners in the mood or have a bath with the brand new Lush valentines collection bath bombs with the pretence we will get a big rock put on our finger!

Even after all the hilarious posts i have read and videos i have lost 5 minutes of my life to, i think the funniest one i have ever seen was a Christmas Day routine. The Youtuber involved (seperate to the one i was talking about earlier) did EVERYTHING she had done in all her other routine videos except for, wait for it, she added a tiny bit of glitter to the outside corner of her eye. Wow, you astound me with your genius, how i wish i could have your creative flare. I sat for 5 minutes and watched this girl repeat her everyday routine, just for her to change it all for the sake of Christmas by adding a dot of silver glitter to her eye. Bloggers take note, watch routine videos, you will learn so damn much!

Rant over



  1. lol !!
    Thats all I have to say ;) xxx

  2. To be honest I do think my skincare is different in the winter to the summer, my skin gets drier because of the cold in the winter, and I also find my make up changes between different seasons, especially winter and summer. In the winter I wear a heavier foundation, darker eye make up and darker lips. In the summer and spring its less foundation, more bronzer and pinker blushes and lipsticks. I don't consciously do this, it's more just the make up I reach for at different times of the year. So i do understand seasonal skincare and makeup routines. Although I don't think ANYONE has a specific routine for certain days like halloween or valentines day!

    Emma x
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  3. That's what I think, any change I make is gradual and I'm just lazy lol


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