Thursday, 16 April 2015

Payday Wishlist

For once in my life, i am finally in a job where i get a salary. Ok, excluding all the counselling i ever did. But it's nice to have some money left over after bills to treat myself, an experience that i have never really had the pleasure of enjoying before.

I really want to buy the Gavin & Stacey DVD boxset. Me & Carl have become obsessed with it and i have such a laugh pretending to be Nessa with my friend Sophie at work. It's one of those series that you could watch over and over again and still laugh everytime but also laugh at bits you maybe missed before. It's no great shock that all bloggers need a good camera and i have two very good ones but i am desperate to get my hands on a Canon 700D. After having a play with one at Hull Fashion Week, i've grown a little addicted to it. Like i said, i love my Canon & Samsung cameras, but this would change my photography skills no end. And finally, this stunning Star Pandora Ring. I have never been fond of the charm bracelets from Pandora but the rings are something else. Everyone knows i am crazy about stars and this ring literally screamed at me saying 'BUY ME BUY ME NOW!' And i definitely plan to. 

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  1. We have the same taste in rings, that's one I have my eye on too!

    Mars xx


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