Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My Guide To Cutting Bad Habits For Good

Everyone can hold their hands up and say they have at least one bad habit they’d like to cut out of their life. It may be something simple such as nail biting. Alternatively, it may be something that's not good for your health. Like smoking! When it comes to bad habits, it can seem almost impossible to stop. That’s why they’re called habits, because they’re engrained in our daily lives. However, with a bit of mental determination you can cut any bad habit out of your life for good.

Write It Down
The first thing you need to do is admit to yourself that you have a bad habit. This sounds easy, but a lot of us don’t want to admit our flaws. This isn’t about telling yourself off, it’s about realising you need to change something in your life. Grab yourself a pen and paper to write down the bad habit (or habits) you want to cut down. Seeing it there in black and white will instantly give you more motivation to quit.

Start Now
The worst thing you can do is tell yourself you’re going to quit on a given date. I’ll wait until I’ve eaten all of the junk food in my house before I start my healthy diet. I’ll finish all the cigarettes in the packet before I kick the habit. I’ll stop biting my nails when my exams are over. You’re already making excuses and you haven’t even begun! Once you’ve written down those bad habits, tell yourself you’re going to stop right away.

Out With the Old, In With the New
Now, get rid of anything that may be supporting that bad habit of yours. It could be cigarettes, junk food, or something else entirely. You also want to get rid of that old attitude and mindset. You won’t give into biting your nails just because you’re stressed out. You won’t have one cheeky cigarette when out with your friends.

You should replace all of the things you’ve thrown out with something new, especially for die hard habits. This could be by getting an e-cigarette or legal highs, whatever it is that replaces your bad habit. Going cold turkey can work for some, but for most of us we need to replace the old with the new. Again, you want to bring in a new mindset as well. Seeing as you’ve got rid of the old one! Tell yourself that you can do this, you will do this. Positive mental attitude can make such a huge difference.

One Day at a Time
Quitting a bad habit is no easy feat. It becomes even harder if you’re too focused on what life will be like in a week, two weeks or three weeks. We’re only human and we need to take each day as it comes. We’re going to have setbacks and there are going to be hurdles in the way. By taking it one day at a time, it becomes easier to handle. Focus on how beautiful and healthy you are right now. You need to put one foot in front of the other at all times. It doesn’t matter how little those steps are, just don’t stop or go backwards.

It takes 21 days to form a habit. Just 21 days of little steps is all it takes to change your life for the better. Start now! 

Friday, 5 June 2015

My Top 6 Comfort Foods

Comfort food to me is food that brings back memories, brings solace to you when you're feeling down and gives you a warm hug from the inside. Ok it's cheesy but it's the truth right? After having a long winded conversation with my mum about comfort food, i thought i would put together a list of my favourites and see if any of you agree with me.

1. Roast dinner
 Nothing in this world beats my mums roast dinner and no matter how many times i eat them at my in laws, the carvery etc; they never compare to hers. The nostalgia behind a roast dinner is what makes it number one for me. I have fond memories of doing my homework on a sunday evening and the smell of it making it's way up the stairs and distracting me. I love every part of a roast dinner but the ultimate part is my mums gravy, it's the best.

2. Toast
 Everyone likes their toast different but the way i like it, is just browned and you have to butter it straight away so the butter melts completely. I can't eat toast that is burnt or still has globules of cold butter in a corner. Toast is the quick fix of comfort food.

3. Pancakes
 Coming home from school to a stack of them in the kitchen on pancake day is an awesome memory and one i still relive today (except for the school part) i can't cook them to save my life so i rely on my mum. They're such a basic thing but once you chuck some sugar and lemon on them they become something much more special.

4. Home made chips
 I'm not a massive fan of chips and would sooner have veg or sweet potato wedges but homemade chips make me think of my childhood. We have a potato crimper that makes crinkle cut chips and i have fond memories when i was a kid of my mum using it to make these amazing looking bits of potato that went so crispy and delicious i couldn't get enough of them. They have to be left alone once they're cooked and just have some sea salt on them. Bliss.

5. Mashed Swede
 I guess this is my equivalent to mash (the ultimate comfort food for most people). For those not in the know, a swede is basically a turnip. I cook it, mash it, add some butter and pepper and voila! Perfect comfort food.

6. Chicken and stuffing sarnies
 Shock horror but i have never liked sandwiches unless they have a hot filling.Cold sandwiches have a really weird taste and texture which makes me feel ill but having a hot sandwich is a completely different ball game, especially my chicken and stuffing sandwiches. I cook up some stuffing then warm up some chicken, shove it all in a buttie and job done, perfect comfort food pick me up.

Do you agree with my choices? What are your favourite comfort foods?

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Monday, 1 June 2015

The Book Of Everyone Wedding Edition Review*

I'm an absolute sucker for anything personalised so when i was contacted to review The Book Of Everyone - wedding edition, i was hardly going to refuse.

I was made aware of this company a view months ago when i got stuck into a window shopping vortex online and i came across it. It's such a unique idea and the concept behind it made me delve a little deeper and find out more. 

At The Book Of Everyone they make personalised books for all occasions but this one is specifically for a wedding. I myself aren't getting married but my sister in law is getting married next year so i thought it would be perfect to do it for her and her other half. 

The process was so simple, put in the dates of birth of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding, click the button and watch the magic happen.

 The book is split in half, one half for the bride, the other for the groom and it contains all sorts of information about them that corresponds to their date of birth, name etc. I love that Kirsty shares her DNA with a passionfruit and Adam shares his with a potato!

It also has sweet little bits about how they are made for each other, words that stand out for them and all other sorts of cute things.

I absolutely love this and think it's a really unique gift and thankfully, Kirsty & Adam loved it too. 

If you fancy making one for yourself or a loved one, you can visit the website and head over to their Twitter page @BookOfEveryone

* Item was sent to me but all views and opinions are my own