Saturday, 11 July 2015

Corporate Gift Giving: What You Need To Know To Make An Impact

Corporate gift giving has been a ‘thing’ for a while now. It has so many benefits; what better way to make an impression on potential business partners, colleagues, and associates? It’s important that your gift makes an impact, but you need to remember that it must be appropriate. Here’s what you need to know to ensure that your gift makes a big impact:


Check the Corporate Policy

Each corporate policy is different, but you should always check it out before spending any money on gifts. No matter who you’re buying a gift for; whether it’s somebody you work with or somebody whose services you peruse, you must check the corporate policy. Some policies state that employees can’t receive gifts at all, others state that they must be below a certain value to be acceptable. You don’t want to go through a lot of trouble to find your gift cannot be accepted anyway!

Make it Useful

One of the best things you can do is make your gift useful. What could the recipient/recipients really use? This could be a large selection of office supplies, or some software you think might make their life easier. The key is to be thoughtful with your gift. Some people think that alcohol is a good gift, but it can be very risky. What if you give it to somebody who doesn’t drink, or isn’t supposed to drink?  

Avoid Sweets

While giving certain types of food can be OK, try to avoid sweets during holidays like Christmas. There are probably enough sweets going around offices during Christmas time already, without you adding to the load. Plus, they aren’t very thoughtful! You want to give them a gift, not a sugar rush.

Personalise Gifts if Appropriate

If you’re a boss buying gifts for your staff, then try to personalise them if appropriate. This shows you’ve really thought about each of them, and not just bought something without thinking about it. Personalised gardening gifts are suited to most people, for instance. It’ll mean so much more to them when a gift is personalised!

Know Your Budget

Knowing your budget is essential. You shouldn’t buy for a few people in the office and nobody else, so working out a budget is important. Remember; people in the office will talk! Work out a suitable amount. For example, no more than £20 per person. Also take into account the policy we discussed earlier, that may limit you to the amount you can spend.

Consider Religious Beliefs

Don’t automatically assume that everybody celebrates Christmas or the holiday you’re buying for. Before buying, simply enquire as to whether they celebrate the holiday - no need to pry into their religious beliefs. You’ll create an awkward situation for both of you if you buy a gift without checking!

Avoid Getting Too Personal

Getting too personal can be a huge no-no and seem very inappropriate. For example, jewellery, perfume, and clothing are very personal gifts. You shouldn’t give gifts like this unless they relate closely to the industry you work in and it makes sense.

Don’t Advertise

If you give gifts with a huge company logo, or products that you make, this could be deemed as a company giveaway rather than corporate gifting. Some may find it insulting, as it’s pretty much just advertising what you do. Be more creative than that!

Be Generous With Group Gifts

Giving group gifts is recommended, as you haven’t got to think too much about each person or take too much time. Nobody gets left out, and most company policies do accept group gifts. Just make sure that if you decide to do this, you’re generous with it. Giving a gift basket of foods can be nice, but make sure there’s enough to go around! You’ll only seem tightfisted if you don’t give enough for the whole office.

Wow With the Packaging

The packaging is a big part of the gift giving process. While it’s the gift that matters, the packaging makes a big impact and will impress the receiver. You don’t have to take care of the packaging yourself; I advise you get a professional to package the gifts up for you and make them look suitable. Opening the gift is all a part of the gift giving experience, so make it a good one!

If you make sure you stick to these tips, your gift is bound to make an impact on the receiver. With corporate gift giving, you can go far providing you do it properly!

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