Thursday, 27 August 2015

Here's What Would Go Into My Dream Garden

Not everybody is lucky enough to have any outdoor space. But for those of us that do, you can have a world of fun out there. Summer has been pretty dreary this year. It’s given me plenty of time to dream up some fantastic things to do at a summer house party, though. These ideas might have to wait for next summer, but never mind:

Eating outside makes any meal taste so much better. For me, I love taking my time over a meal in the company of friends. A barbecue is perfect for that. The meats are prepared in small batches, so there is always food on the go. I love the way you can just prepare all the food in big bowls and platters, and everyone just takes what they want as the afternoon goes on.

Sitting in the garden is definitely one of the highlights of any dry day here. I love sitting at my outdoor dining set with a glass of something cool and refreshing. I might have a Kindle with me or just some great tunes on the iPod. I think a recliner garden chair is always nice to enjoy too. If it was a really hot day, I might even sit in a summer house to stay cool.

I do love to sit under a shady tree in the summer. Sadly, most gardens aren’t big enough for a bit of leafy coverage. Still, there are gazebos and canopies to provide the shade as you need it. I’ve seen some great metal frame gazebos with curtain sets to keep the insects out. They also provide some privacy and protection from the weather. Pop a hot tub underneath and I’ll be very happy. I’ve been looking at a portable spa guide. Who knew you could get inflatable hot tubs?

I’m not much of a gardener, but I do appreciate a well-tended flower bed. I love roses in reds and pinks. I’ve also seen some great structured plants in Willow that can add some height to the garden too. Shrubs are handy for filling out areas. For me, colour is everything. I want lots of fiery reds and hot oranges. Little winter pansies come in every colour imaginable, so some hanging baskets might be nice for those too.

Decking or Patio?
I can see the benefits of having a big decking area. They’re great for popping your table and chairs or even a child’s playhouse on. But the thought of having to paint all that wood every couple of years fills me with dread! Patios usually just need a good pressure wash to come up nice again. Still, composite decking is said to be harder wearing and low maintenance. Maybe a combination of the two to create different areas of the garden might be nice.

I do like to be outside when it’s nice. I love having friends over and just hanging out until the sun has gone down. A little sun trap at the end, where it’s nice a private will be the perfect place to soak up the rays too. What does your dream garden look like?

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