Thursday, 13 August 2015

My Dancing Days Are Over...

This is a sad post to be writing. Well, from my perspective anyway.

On the 30th July 2015, a relatively normal day by all accounts, my life drastically changed. I didn't win the lottery or get offered a job in New York...i fell down the stairs at home.

In a crumpled heap at the bottom of my staircase, i felt the most horrific pain in my right ankle and right wrist. I'm not the type of person to over dramatise pain but this was next level painful for me. Carl decided i had to go to hospital just to check i was ok, the massive swelling on my ankle and the fact i could barely walk didn't really phase me too much and the fact my wrist didn't hurt anymore, i thought i would just be told to put ice on it and it would be fine. 

After a consultation with a lovely nurse in triage then an x-ray, i was told that i had broken my ankle...but not on this occasion. I had done it many years ago and it had never healed. Erm what? I have only ever broken my arm and my toe, i never had any recollection of breaking my ankle but there it was in black and white right infront of me saying that i had done it 10+ years ago. The nurse said i had re-fractured it and also snapped all the ankle ligaments for good measure. She put a bandage on it and gave me crutches and made an appointment for me to go to the fracture clinic the next day.

Cue the next day, me and Carl hobble into the fracture clinic where i'm told by a specialist that i will need to take time off work and i will need physiotherapy. Great.

They slapped an snkle brace on me and off i went thinking  "Meh 2 weeks off work then i'll be fine"....wrong again.

It's been 2 weeks since it happened so i went to my GP like i was told for the fortnightly check up before i go back to hospital at 4 weeks. What he told me has changed everything...i will have this injury for life.

Because of the previous break that never healed and now it has re-broke and the ligaments are torn, my right ankle is now a weak spot. I can never wear heels again, running won't be happening again for a long time and there is a strong possibility i will need surgery to have pins put in to stabilise it.

I'm absolutely gutted. I love wearing heels and have had a dream of owning a pair of Louboutins, that's all a pipe dream now. I may never walk properly again, the possibility of always walking with a slight limp worries me immensley.

Looking back over the years, i used to cockle on this ankle all the time and it never dawned on me there was an underlying issue. Even though i never cockled on my left ankle it still didn't dawn on me.

Something that seems so minor has created no end of problems for me. When i fall pregnant again, how will the weight of carrying a baby affect my ankle? I'll be limping down the aisle when i get married, as for dancing? That's a distant memory now.

But alas as with most things in life, there is always someone worse off than yourself and i should think myself lucky that considering i did a Superman down the stairs, i was lucky to come away with just a broken ankle rather than something alot more serious.

Still, i'm gutted about the shoe situation and i'm going to go sit in a corner holding my shoe collection and cry quietly now.


  1. I've heard Louboutins aren't comfy anyway. And who wants to spend that much money on a pair of shoes that don't cushion your foot like a cloud?!

    Seriously though, I do hope you're ok and keep your chin up and that your ankle strengthens and you exceed all expectations for what you're able to do on it.

    Lisa | Not Quite Enough


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