Friday, 21 August 2015

My Essential Child Proofing Tips

Even though my own little one isn’t little anymore, there are always younger members of the extended family about the house. I remember when my daughter was just toddling how frightening it could be as I saw her heading toward a hazard. It doesn’t matter how careful you are; accidents can still happen. But you can dramatically reduce the risk of injury with these helpful tips.

When it comes to hot drinks, any Mum with little ones knows they can be so dangerous. Cups are easy to knock over, and kids can grab your arm at just the wrong moment to have hot tea spilt all over both of you. I took to drinking from a cup with a rubber lid on. It turned it into a cup like those takeaway cups from the coffee shops. If it went over, hardly anything spilled out. Sipping also prevented my face getting scalded if I got a toy thrown my way!

Portable heaters are so dangerous, but in the winter you often find you need them. To prevent burning, always cover up your fires, radiators and heaters. An electric heater cover can save little fingers from the pain and scarring that comes with touching such hot things. Keep the cables coiled up out of the way too. If you can, try to keep the heater away from the play area.

Kitchen cupboards are so easy to get into. They are just the right height for babies and toddlers to open. There are plenty of different child proof mechanisms to stop them being opened so easily. I keep heavy pots and pans stacked up in some. There are bleaches and cleaning products in another, and even a sewing kit. I can’t bear the thought of my child getting access to those things. A stair gate across the kitchen door is a great way to avoid all kitchen accidents for your children.

You hear so many awful stories about kids drowning in the press. It certainly made me extra vigilant at bath times. Baths are so slippery when the kids have made it bubbly, though. When my daughter was little, there was always one of those rubber mats in the bottom of the tub to stop her sliding about. If I ever forgot anything for her bathtime once she was in the tub, I remember taking her out to come get it with me. I’m glad I was vigilant.

In the bedroom, there have always been a few toys to play with. But I selected them carefully to avoid any harm when I wasn’t in the room. Nothing small, and nothing that could break off or tear. The one thing I absolutely had to do in the bedroom was to remove the cord for the blinds. They are a terrible hanging hazard, and children have died from becoming entangled in them.

There are so many hazards at home, but you can help reduce how dangerous they are with a little extra vigilance. I hate that sensation of adrenaline rushing around as you see your child about to touch something dangerous. Child proof your home today, for safety sake.

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