Friday, 21 August 2015

My Great Nursery Gift Ideas

I have a few friends and relatives that are about to commit to a life of parenthood. It’s got me thinking about how much stuff babies need. Just kitting out a nursery takes a lot of shopping! Then there are all the things the mum-to-be needs too. When it comes to buying a gift for a relative or close friend, there really are plenty of things to choose from. Here are my recollections of things that could be a welcome gift for a nursery:

For me, I wanted to have a cot bed. Cot beds are more practical in the long term. This is because they can convert down into a toddler bed when they get bigger. Those bars around the cot don’t keep them contained for long you know! Once the side bars are off, it looks just like a small regular bed. A Moses basket is very handy as a day bed, though. They can easily be picked up and put anywhere as you’re pottering around the house.

A nursing chair can make the breastfeeding experience far more relaxing and comfortable. It’s quite soothing to have a special place you can go to when it comes to feeding your newborn too. I love the ones that rock. It calms me, and it calms the Bubba. They don’t take up much space so they can usually fit in a nursery quite well.

Many women remain in some pain for several weeks after giving birth. The last thing they want to be doing is kneeling down on the floor to change their little ones. A changing table brings the baby up to a height where you can stand to change her. They usually come with plenty of useful storage for all the nappies, wipes and creams too.

Getting About
When you are a Mum, the cleaning, tidying, cooking, and laundry seem never to end. Many mothers want their babies close to them at all times. Using a harness or baby sling can keep baby attached to you, but frees up your arms to get on with things. Some women prefer carrying their baby this way to pushing a pram outdoors too. For getting upstairs to your nursery, this is ideal as you have a hand free for holding onto the banister.

Every good nursery needs accessories to stimulate the baby and keep him interested in his surroundings. Soft toys and mobiles are great for holding their attention. They also help the baby learn more about their environment. You can program some mobiles with your favourite songs.

Tactile fabrics are key to their learning at this stage. They feel their way around the world. Lights and sounds soon take over as their main focus, though. Don’t forget that baby needs to be monitored while Mum is out of the room. A good monitor can include sensors for how much the little one is moving too.

I love it when I get to buy baby things for friends. For family, I like to do a little more. Furnishing the nursery is a challenge. It can be a refreshing change for new mums to receive something like this instead of more baby clothes.

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