Thursday, 13 August 2015

My Suggestions For Saving Money In Your Personal Life

We could all stand to save a bit more cash in our personal lives. Between living costs and the kid, I can sometimes struggle to save cash. So I came up with these ideas to help me save money in my personal life. Try to make use of as many as you can.

Use Vouchers
One of the best ways to make savings in your personal life is to use vouchers. These are readily available from numerous sources. And a quick check online should unearth plenty to be getting on with. I like to make use of vouchers for things like food shopping and eating out. They save me huge amounts of money because these things are a big expense. It allows me to put this extra cash away in savings, or keep it for a rainy day.

Only Buy Essentials
I am more guilty than most of squandering money on luxuries I don’t need. And for many of us, that’s where the big expense is. When we shop, we will often be wasteful because we’ll spot things we want on the way round. You need to try to make sure you cut out luxury items. Think about whether you really need that extra pair of shoes or bottle of wine. By only sticking to essentials you’ll make considerable savings, I know I have.

Shop Online
As technology develops, and the word evolves, we are becoming more and more digital. I try to reduce the amount of technology used in the home. But it can be very difficult sometimes because it’s so essential. Nowhere is this more obvious than with online shopping. It’s so convenient and saves you time and money. You can online shop from anywhere. In fact, if you looked at 100 crazy things people do in the bathroom online shopping would be in there. It’s accessible and quick. You’ll save money by not having to pay for petrol. And you’ll often find that items cost less if you buy them online.

Browse the Sales
The key to saving money is to browse the sales items first. When I go shopping the first thing I do is check out anything that’s on sale. I’ve become quite the expert at spotting a bargain now! And you can find some real gems by doing this. Sales items are often available for much less than regular priced things. No matter what you’re buying you need to try to go for things on sale. This is a great way to save money on your clothes as well as your food shopping.

Go Green
Something I would recommend that has multiple benefits is going green. You need to make sure you’re as eco-friendly as you can be. I started to integrate greener living into my home gradually. I started off with recycling, and then progressed to other things. I’d suggest getting solar panels installed, and going for LED light bulbs. These are an energy-efficient means of powering the home. They look great, and they’ll save you plenty of cash over the course of the year. We all know how pricey energy bills can be, so make sure you try to cut down on these.


I know how expensive it can get to live, especially with a kid. So I’m constantly looking for ways to save myself and the family money. There are so many different things you can do to help achieve this. Sometimes it's just a case of thinking outside the box. You can make savings everywhere with a bit of effort and hard work.


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