Monday, 17 August 2015

Tricks To Save Money Everday

Life has become so expensive! The cost of everything just keeps going up. And it’s not just the treats and luxuries that cost more. Even the cost of essentials like bread keeps going up at an alarming rate. Still, there are some ways to change little things in your lifestyle to save your money. I’ve created a little list of ideas for you to try:

Energy Bills
Every time you need to replace a light bulb, change it for an LED one. They use very little electricity, and can shine very brightly. Almost any shape bulb or fitting has an LED equivalent.

When it comes to your heating bill in winter, you can turn the thermostat down a degree without noticing the change very much. Move around a little more, and you may be able to turn it down another notch. Time to dust off the Wii Fit!

We all need little treats and rewards in life. Some, like smoking, can be very expensive. If you are a smoker, you can cut the cost of your habit by turning to vape juice and an e-cigarette pack.

If you are more of a chocoholic, then buy some chocolate moulds. The smaller the shape, the better. Now you can melt your favourite choccy bar down into smaller shapes so you eat less at a time. That bar should last a lot longer, with a little willpower.

Walking or cycling cost absolutely nothing to do. Grab yourself a good backpack, and walk to the shop. You can carry a few days supplies in the backpack and get some exercise at the same time.

Using the bus is often cheaper than the combined cost of petrol and parking for the city centre. If you have to commute by car, why not park a couple of blocks away from the office and walk in from there? It could soon add up in petrol savings.

Fresh food has become quite expensive, but frozen food is still substantially cheaper. They hold their freshness for months rather than just a few days too. Batch cooking is a great way to save a fortune. Cook five or six portions at a time and freeze the rest. You can then microwave yourself a meal in minutes next time you’re short on cooking time.

Often, good quality jars of sauce like pasta sauce are on offer in bulk. They can be cheaper than buying the ingredients yourself too.

If you are prone to walking out of the store with lots of ‘bargains’ then why not restrict your buying with a list. If you are looking for a top, then only buy a top that fits the bill. Retail therapy can lead to big expenses. Save the blowouts for the sales season.

Saving money is never going to be easy, but it can be done with a little work. Simple ideas like saving your change can help you put some cash away for a rainy day too. See how much you can save next month by trying out one of these awesome ideas.

As a side note, it's always a great idea to keep an up to date log of all your outgoings and bills each month. I highly recommend using a computer programme such as Excel for this but if you aren't familiar with this then a good notebook and a calculator will do the job just as well.

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