Friday, 25 September 2015

At A Social Event - Launch Night

I was lucky enough to be invited along to the launch night of a new and exciting business called 'At A Social Event'. The concept behind this, is to involve social media in your wedding day by projecting all the photos, tweets, instagram snaps etc onto a screen for everyone to enjoy. Aswell as social media, they also blog your wedding aswell! The brains behind the idea is the lovely Sarah who we got to meet and have a chat with. I went along to the event with my close friend Ashton who is also a blogger and a very good one so please go check her out!

The idea behind this is brilliant and something i would love at my own wedding. The new fangled thing to do at weddings these days, is to ask guests to use a specific hashtag for the day so that afterwards, all the guests and bridal party can go onto social media and have a look at the photos from the day. But with the social media wall, it is done there and then! They take over the social media for the day and also run a blog and project everything onto a projection screen at the venue. They also filter it for you aswell so you don't end up with the one member of your family who tends to make an idiot of themselves at family gatherings by pulling their pants down (we all know one)

Even though i'm not engaged yet, i have got big ideas for my wedding and having something to do with social media is always going to be on the list, so i am definitely going to be sending an e-mail over to Sarah when it comes to organising my big day and get one of these set up.

The event itself was held at the Forever Bridal Boutique at Willerby Manor and it is run by the lovely Rachel who we also had a really good chat with.

The boutique is beautiful and has a selection of wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses that immediately caught mine and Ashton's eye.

I fell in love with one dress in particular. Unfortunately, i could only pull it out a little bit to capture the detail on the bust but i wish it was on one of the mannequins because it's absolutely beautiful and exactly the type of dress that i want when my big day does finally happen.

Through the night, we enjoyed bubbly and cute canap├ęs. Me and Ashton had such a laugh while talking about her recent holiday and hoping that our men will propose to us in the not too distant future.

We also got chatting to a local wedding photographer called Jemma who took a real interest in blogging and told her all about using #HullBloggers. Between me and Ashton, we convinced her to start using Twitter haha.

It was a really nice night and it was great to experience At A Social Event and learn about how it works. It was also really nice (if not dangerous) to have a look at wedding dresses, something i really hope to be doing for real one day. 

A massive thankyou to Sarah for inviting me and to Rachel for letting us use your beautiful shop. I had a great night.

Contact for At A Social Event
Twitter - @asocialevent

Contact for Forever Bridal Boutique
Twitter - @Forever_brides

Contact for Jemma King Photography
Twitter - @jemma_king

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