Monday, 7 September 2015

#HBAIPORTO Hull Summer Blog Meet - The Event

A week ago, i attended the much hyped about #HBALPORTO Meet that has been at the forefront of everyones mind for what feels like years. This was my fourth bloggers meet, three of which being with my lovely Hull Bloggers and after all the excitement and anticipation, it finally arrived and the excitement was close to hitting fever pitch.

Before i arrived at the meet, i spent a couple of hours reassuring my lovely friend Ashton who was having a mini melt down as she was running late and was incredibly nervous about meeting everyone for the first time. She in turn came and picked me up and we had a good laugh on the way there.

The meet was being held at Al Porto on Hull Marina which is a quirky italian restaurant hidden away from the hustle and bustle of town. As i was on crutches, i wasn't looking forward to the momentous climb up the stairs but thanks to the patience of Ashton and taking the steps VERY slowly, i finally got there and was greeted by a room full of familiar and new faces. We were kindly given a rather nice cocktail made especially for us and needless to say it didn't touch the sides. My friends kindly saved me a seat in the corner with a foot rest, i felt like royalty!

After saying my hellos, everyone went to look at the stalls that had been laid out for us including Lush. I knew that i would of got in the way if i attempted to get up there with everybody so i stayed where i was and some of the girls stayed with me until it all calmed down. So amazingly thoughtful.

During this time, the staff brought out endless trays of canapes including beef burgers in Yorkshire puddings, pizza, slices of melon and bruschetta to name a few.

Once the crowd had died down, myself and the girls wandered over to the stalls and the first port of call was Lush. The ladies from Lush recognised me and Ashton straight away from the event we attended in March and started telling us about all the new season products including Rub Rub Rub which is similar to my favourite sea salt scrub but it is bright blue and has a much different scent, of course i ended up buying a pot! (Carl gave it a try and now he's keeping it for himself, charming!) They also gave us a bag with some little treats in, including a new bubble bar which i'm really looking forward to trying.

 There was also a stand with posh pickles to sample. I'm not a huge fan of pickles but they smelled fantastic.

We got sat back down again and myself and the girls had a really good catch up and so much laughing. Talking about solar panels, 'balanced areas' and armpit juice resulted in tears being shed and ribs aching.

Soon enough, it was time for the raffle and there were so many prizes on offer. It was being hosted by the lovely Lewis-Duncan Weedon who brought some humour to the table with his funny explanations of what was up for grabs. The prizes ranged from make up to candles, jewellery to skin care and everything else in between. I was lucky enough to win what i personally thought was the perfect prize for me which was a jam packed bag from Zebra filled with a mug jam packed with various types of pens plus loads of seperate ones, a cuddly zebra and a stress zebra. It wasn't long ago i was telling my mum how fed up i was of never having any pens around the house and now i have loads!!

From the raffle alone, we managed to raise a fantastic £227 for The Eve Appeal
which is a charity that funds research into womens gynaecological cancer. Something that is very close to my heart so well done everyone and to add to this amazing news, #HBAIPORTO also trended on Twitter!!

After the raffle was done, the day started to wind down and we all returned to our seats to chat and talk about the day while the goodie bags were being dished out. 

When it came to the end of what had been a really good day, we all made our way outside to be picked up or drive home. Unfortunately, Carl was late getting back from fishing and i was the last one standing (forgive the pun) but even though i was in pain and ready to get home to rest my ankle, i had a fantastic day and i have a few thankyous that i need to make...

Ashton - For picking me up and being incredibly patient with me while i hobbled around and helping me. Also for offering to take me home too (and thanks to her brother for driving)

Megan, Lucy, Courtney - For being incredibly kind and helping me with my bags and getting me a drink to save me walking. 

Alice & Chelsea - For saving me a fantastic seat and foot rest

Carl - For offering to piggy back me down the stairs 

Al Porto - For letting us have the use of your beautiful venue

And finally...

Alex, Kat & Jenny - For organising the whole operation and doing a fantastic job of it too. 

Keep a look out for my next post about the goodie bags and all the brands that got involved!

*All photos are courtesy of Ashton, Alex, Jennie & #HBAIPORTO

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