Wednesday, 9 September 2015

My Favourite Craft Ideas For A Wet Weekend

As a parent, I’m always looking for ways to entertain and amuse my child. Of course, days out are always great. But what do we parents do when those rainy days come? They can be a nightmare for keeping the kids entertained. Well, here are some of my craft ideas to help keep you and the kids busy on a wet weekend.
Make a Clock
A more unusual craft idea is one that I came up with this year. It’s making clocks out of old vinyl records. So, I got hold of an old record I no longer wanted. Then chose some funky looking card - try to pick something colourful with patterns. You’ll also need to buy the clock mechanism for the middle, but these aren’t expensive. Cut the card to fit the record. Then use craft guns to glue the card to the face of the record. Fit the clock mechanism and you’re done. You can do these in different sizes. And you can have all sorts of clock faces, from football teams to Marvel superheroes. Though, I’d recommend not letting the kids do this unsupervised. Let them help and take part, but make sure you’re there.
Model Painting
You can get these packs with plain, blank models in them. Sometimes they’re made out of plastic, wood or rubber. They are shaped like creatures or objects, but they are blank. These are always a good choice because you can set the kids up with paint and let them be expressive. My tip here would be to make sure the area is well protected from the possibility of paint spillages! Try to get them sat at the table, and cover the furniture before they start. Seriously, you’ll thank me later!
Picture Frame
The classic craft idea is the old-school decorated picture frame. And this is a classic that still continues to endure to this day. Again, I like to go for cheap, plain frames that my daughter and I can go to town on. I would recommend decorating with items such as glitter, glued macaroni, and sea shells. Try to encourage something colourful and vibrant. Your child will no doubt want to use the picture frame, or give it to you as a gift.
Another awesome craft idea I’ve discovered is to get the kids decorating lampshades. I never thought of this until I went to the Hull Summer Blog Meet earlier this year. I bumped into one of my friends there, and she mentioned this idea to me and I’ve been using it since. I normally go to the supermarket, or somewhere like B&Q and pick up cheap plain lampshades. That way the kids can go nuts with them, and it doesn’t matter. Of course, you may not want to put these freshly decorated lampshades in the living room. But, they might be a nice touch as a shade on your child's lamp. This gives them drive and impetus because they’re making something for their room.
I love to get active with my and do some art and crafts when the weather is bad. Rainy days can be a nightmare for parents. It means the kids are cooped up inside all day, and they tend to get restless. This can lead to tantrums and chaos all around the home. So it’s important to come up with ways to keep them occupied. And crafts are an excellent way to achieve this, and they promote creativity too.  


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