Monday, 14 September 2015

My Guide To Wedding Guest Ettiquette

Getting invited to a wedding is lovely, but you need to make sure you thank the bride and groom by setting an example. How do you do that? Following appropriate wedding guest etiquette, of course! In my guide to wedding guest etiquette, you'll learn what to do and what not to do to have the best day.

Always Take a Card

When you go to a wedding, you at least need to make sure you take a card to congratulate them and thank them for inviting you. If possible, give them a gift too. Pick something off their register, give them a voucher or money. Even the smallest amount adds up and will make sure they have a special start to married life!

Never Ask for a Plus One

When you actually ask for a plus one, you essentially ask the bride and groom to pay for another guest. This just isn’t the done thing. Asking for a plus one is a huge no-no! Try to find somebody you know at the wedding to go with if you’re afraid of showing up alone. Even if you just show your face for a little while, there’s no harm in going alone.

Don’t Get Too Drunk

At a wedding you will ideally be on your best behaviour. This means you shouldn’t get too drunk! Drinking too much and making a fool out of yourself is one thing, but doing it at somebody’s wedding could have serious repercussions. Do you want to annoy the bride and groom? Have the guests talking about you? Keep yourself under control!

Don’t Make it About You

One of the worst things you can do at a wedding is make it all about you. I know people who have got engaged at weddings, and it actually makes me feel infuriated for the new bride and groom. They did not spend thousands of pounds on their big day for you to go and make it your special occasion, or engagement party. Don’t try to mess with the wedding table plans either - they spent a long time on these. Again, control yourself and wait for a more appropriate time.

Stay Well Away from any Sort of White Clothing

Unless your white clothing has some kind of pattern on it, you should stay well away. Sometimes it’s best to stay away even if it does have a pattern on it. Stay away from white, cream, really light grey - anything that could be misconstrued as a bride colour. There are so many other colours you can go for, so pick something else.

Don’t Fail to Turn Up if You RSVP’d

So, you RSVP’d and now you’re having second thoughts? I don’t care. You have to attend. They will have paid for a meal for you, a seat, and maybe even some drink. You might think nobody will notice if you don’t show, but it’s just plain rude. Only RSVP to your invitation if you really plan on going. All of the traditional wedding invitations will have multiple ways to contact the bride/groom, so you have no excuse.

Make sure you have a great time!

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