Friday, 4 September 2015

Tell Tale Signs Of Being A Blogger

You take photos of every meal
Something that all bloggers can definitely relate to, is taking a photo of every meal. Wether you're eating out at a fancy a la Carte restaurant or about to tuck into cheese on toast, taking an obligatory shot of your meal is chapter 1 in the blogging bible. 

The 'white background'
Taking photos for a blog post isn't complete unless you are displaying your item on a solid white MDF background. Usually a piece of IKEA furniture or a crystal white desk. 

You always lust after the latest DSLR camera 
One of the only respectable times that bigger is better is when it comes to the camera. Bloggers base 99.9% of their content on images and if your camera isn't up the job, it really shows. If you find yourself looking at the Canon website rather than Topshop or Newlook, you know you've got the blogger bug.

Wanting to review everything you buy
You don't just walk into Boots to buy a new mascara or the latest perfume, take it home and use it. Oh no, you walk into boots, buy a new mascara or the latest perfume, use it for a little while and then review the living daylights out of it. When you are a blogger, a shopping trip will inevitably end up with at least two items that will end up being reviewed.

Being one bond away from taking shares out in Lush 
Every blogger loves Lush and in the majority of hauls, there will be at least 1 Lush product. You could be the cause of a lot of controversy in the blogging world if you don't like Lush.

You become a florist overnight
Well not literally but flowers become an integral part of your life, mainly as a background for your photos. Peonies seem to be the flower of choice (even though i personally think they're incredibly ugly)

You are interested in reading about recycling
By this, i mean you actually take the time to read about empty bottles and pots of cosmetics because you have an interest in what people have used up! Something only a blogger would understand.




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