Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Working From Home - Is it all it's cracked up to be?

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I've wanted to work from home ever since Sarah was born. I knew that i never wanted to miss any of her milestones and being around her as much as possible was always going to be more important than working 9-5. I have also had an ongoing issue with authority and by that, i mean i don't like having some power tripping top brass mooching over me and watching my every move.

But now after 12 years of searching and being in jobs i have absolutely hated, i am now finally working from home! So, is it all it's cracked up to be?


So why is working from home so fantastic? Well;

I'm always around my family - One thing i found really annoying about working was that i missed out on valuable family time as the majority of my jobs meant i worked weekends or evenings. But now i am in the same house as my family when they come back from school and work and i can see them all the time.

I will never be late - I've always been a stickler for time keeping and always made sure i got to work with plenty of time to spare but now i work from home, i literally roll out of bed, have a few hours to enjoy a coffee and Jeremy Kyle, grab my laptop and crack on!

I'm saving money on travel - Me and Carl share the car but he uses it alot more than me as he works 30 minutes away from where we live. Sharing the car for our jobs became a real issue and we were spending an excessive amount of money on fuel. Now, Carl can use it without worrying about rushing home from work to give it to me. It also means i never have to get a dreaded bus to work in the winter (a long running nightmare)

I can work wherever i want - If i want to work in the den, i can. If i want to work in the garden, i can. While i type this, i'm currently in bed with Netflix on whilst listening to calls. I'm not restricted to a stuffy office day in day out, i can work in an environment that suits me and i love it.

I can have my phone on me all the time - One thing i absolutely hate is managers and supervisors saying you can't have your phone on you. In a way i do understand why that is, they want you to not be distracted while you work. But as a parent, i believe that anyone with children should be allowed their phone with them at all times incase (god forbid) there is a problem. Working from home means i never have to worry about being caught with it.

I work alone - Don't get me wrong, i have worked with some fantastic people over the years and some have become firm friends but i love the fact i am now working on my own and don't have to talk to people in the office. I know that sounds horrible but i've always been a lone ranger when it comes to work and working alone is the best thing in the world. I have alot of colleagues that i talk to over Skype which is fine so i'm not completely cut off..

Never having to ring in sick - It's rare i am sick enough to justify time off work. Since i broke my ankle 6 weeks ago, this has been the longest amount of time i have ever taken off. But there is nothing worse than ringing up your boss and telling them you aren't coming in because they always make you feel so damn guilty about it. Working from home means that even if i'm not feeling 100%, i don't have to get out of bed to go to work, i just stay in it and pull out my laptop! At least then i can carry on working while resting hehe.

They understand family - What i have found with most of my jobs, is that they don't really give a damn if you have a family. There are certain companies in the world that ensure parents/carers are given statutory family time included in their contract but this isn't always the case. The company i work for are all about working around your family and understand how important it is to spend time with them.

I choose my hours - Ok so i have to work my contracted hours which is 10-7:30 Mon-thurs and 9-3 Friday but when it comes to bank holidays, i don't have to work them if i don't want to. They will ask me if they need me but if i say no they aren't bothered. If i need to finish early one day, they don't have a problem!

But are there any downsides to working from the comfort of your own home? For me, no. I have read alot of stories from people who have done this kind of thing before and they said 'you miss the interaction of other people to work with'. For them that's probably a major factor but for me i really couldn't care less. 

So in conclusion, i guess good things really do come to those who wait. I am finally in a job that works for me, i don't have to answer to anyone and i am in my favourite place with my favourite people. I can't really complain about that.


  1. Working from home sounds amazing. What are your tips on starting out? :)

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    1. Hi Valencia. I'm actually going to be writing a post about it so keep your eyes peeled :)


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