Thursday, 17 September 2015

Working From Home - My best advice for getting a work from home job

Unless you are a freelance writer or a Youtuber, getting a job working from home isn't as simple as looking in your local paper and applying. I've had alot of people asking for advice so here are my best tips for getting a work from home job.

99% of jobs are scams - This may seem really harsh, but it's essential you know about it. If you go onto Google and type in "Work from home Jobs" you will be swamped by the sheer volume of people claiming to earn £5000 a month clicking website links or doing surveys. IGNORE THEM! These claims are masterminded by scam artists who expect you to pay money upfront in order to get this huge return. Don't fall for them!!

Some companies expect a financial outlay - This one can be tricky. Technically, getting a job should never cost you, however, in some cases you do have to pay an initial outlay for supplies or starter kits. Ann Summers, Body Shop & Avon are some of the more well known companies that expect you to put your hand in your pocket before you can start earning. 

If it sounds too good to be true, it really is - This should speak for itself. If you find a job you like the look of and it sounds like all your Christmas' have come at once, then walk away. Always trust your gut feeling.

An easy job isn't a well paid job - There are hundreds of work from home jobs out there that expect you to stuff envelopes. This might sound like the easiest job in the world but it's infact the worst. I have read story after story about this and the majority of businesses that tell you to do this pay you pittance and nothing near the NMW. 

Always use reputable job sites - Any decent company wants to advertise their job vacancies well and they will pay for the opportunity. To place a job vacancy on a job site, they have to pay a fee. If you see a vacancy on a job site that is titled work from home, you can guarantee it is genuine. 

Choose your employment status wisely - By this, i mean you must enquire as to wether the vacancy is employed or self employed. What i've discovered over the years of job searching, is that the vast majority of work from home jobs are self employed because it's easier for the employee to do their own tax and National Isurance than to send it to the companies head office. In this job that i do, i had the choice of employed or self employed so i was quite fortunate but do pay extra care to this. If you choose self employed, you may be paid more per hour but you will also have the arduous task of doing tax returns every year.

Don't blag your way through the interview - We are all guilty of bending the truth when it came to answering the repetitive questions of an interview but don't do this when you are about to work from home. The main reason people want to work from home is for convenience. No one likes having to get out of a cosy bed every morning, drag themselves out of the door into the wet, miserable and dark world so why tell them that you do? When i had my phone interview with my manager, she asked me why i want to work from home and i told her exactly this...

" My family have always meant more to me than a 9-5 job. If i can work in the same building as my family and know that they are only a few feet away from me, i know i can work harder and better than in a cramped office in the middle of a busy city centre. Plus i like my bed too much"

She laughed so hard at this and told me that she had exactly the same reason and she respected me for being so honest with her. They know why you want to work from home, everyone has the same reason.

So if you think working from home is your cup of tea then i hope my advice will help you on your way.




  1. This has been so useful! Thank you. I have a 3 year old who's at nursery half the day now so I've been thinking about finding some work to do from home and I was only coming across things that seem too good to be true! I'll definitely take these tips into consideration.


    1. No probs glad i could help! Working from home makes so much more sense when you have kids


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