Saturday, 17 October 2015

50 Films To Watch Before You Die :: Part 2

Oh Leo...Ahem, James Cameron's Titanic was the biggest film of the 90s. There are so many films about the infamous ship but this was is the best. You will cry i promise you that.

This is one of those films that you should watch twice to fully understand what's going on but it's worth doing. If you are fascinated by dreams and lucid dreaming, this is spot on. And as an added bonus, it has Leo Dicaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Tom Hardy in it..yummy!!

Four Weddings & A Funeral
When the brits make a film, we do it perfectly. Four Weddings & A Funeral centres around a group of friends who are invited to weddings and none of them are married themselves. This leads to the ultimate question 'Does true love really exist'? It's an incredibly funny film and you will be able to relate to at least one of the characters.

Maze Runner
I actually ended up watching this on a whim and i was so happy that i did. This film (and i'm assuming the book) is fantastic. I won't get into too much detail because it will ruin it but trust me, this film will have you on the edge of your seat.

The Money Pit
A couple buy a house for a bargain price but then discover why it's so cheap. An exploding turkey, a hole in the floor and a disappearing staircase are just a few of the problems they face. This is one of Tom Hanks' best films and is one that will have you laughing out loud everytime you watch it.

Father Of The Bride
Another oldie but such a good one. A father discovers his daughter is getting married and he is struggling to cope with the fact his little girl is growing up. Steve Martin was absolutely perfect to be cast as George, the over protective parent. Funny and heart warming, you don't need anything else.

The Exorcist
The most terrifying film ever made. So much so that it was banned in many countries and once the laws were loosened, people were leaving the cinema vomiting, passing out and were genuinely terrified. I personally don't find it scary but if Horror films bother you, this will completely destroy you but you really have to see it just to say you were brave enough!

Inner Space
Scientists have created a way to shrink a man enough to inject him inside a rabbit for research, but when the lab gets raided, he ends up being injected into the body of a paranoid supermarket worker! A very funny film and a must see.

Indiana Jones :: The Last Crusade
My favourite of the trilogy but all of them are fantastic. Indiana and his dad are on the hunt for the Holy Grail all the while being chased by Nazi's who want it for themselves. It's very far fetched but everyone loves the Indiana Jones movies enough to look past that.

I have always hated the sea and after watching Jaws for the first time, i hate it even more. This film about a giant Great White Shark terrorising and killing people will really have you questioning your actions the next time you go to the beach.


  1. Yes yes yes! All super great movies. Another- jumanji. One of my childhood favourites <3

    1. You're on my wavelength haha Jumanji is in the next post :) x

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