Tuesday, 13 October 2015

A Family Guide to Enjoying a Fireworks Display

Bonfire night is almost upon us once again. Firework displays are a fun activity for all ages to enjoy. As such, they are a hotly anticipated event for many of us.

Wherever you live, there is surely a display nearby. Colourful fireworks are set off in a range of locations, large and small. From the local pub beer garden to the crowd-gathering extravaganzas. Organised firework shows take place up and down the country. So prepare to join the nation's favourite party in the sky!

Find an Event

Firework events are advertised weeks in advance. Local newspapers. National Press. Posters, hoardings and hand-written signs. As soon as summer loses its heat, Guy Fawkes steps forward to heat it up again! Seek out a suitable firework display so you too can be part of the British tradition.


The location of your chosen display could have limited parking. Large displays will gather equally large crowds. Even smaller, community shows may have limited parking available. Find out if it's necessary to book your car parking spot when booking your ticket. Or plan to arrive early to ensure you don't miss out.

Dress Appropriately

It's November. So even if the day has been unseasonably warm, the temperature will drop quickly at night. Gates open several hours before the planned show. There is often lots of standing or walking in the cold night air while waiting for the main event. Wear lots of warm clothing to compensate. Layering garments is a good idea. If too hot, outer layers can always be removed. Wear sensible shoes too. Firework displays often are held in fields. Mud, rain, and uneven ground necessitate comfortable, hardwearing footwear. And don't forget to take a coat. And an umbrella! Go prepared for a comfortable night out.

Enjoy the Atmosphere

The smell of frying onions. Sweet-scented candyfloss. Roasting chestnuts. These are the aromas characterising many firework parties. Music from fairground rides. The sound of laughter fills the air. At night London, Manchester, Birmingham - all of Britain's cities, towns and villages come alive on the 5th of November! Savour the experience and recall childhood memories of Bonfire Night.

Capture the Moment

Capture some vibrant footage to show to others. Turn on the flash facility and take spectacular pictures. Use recording devices to garner sound as well as visuals. Replay the event and relive the magic of the moment at leisure.

Stay Safe

If parking is some distance away, consider taking a torch for safety. It'll provide a beam to follow while highlighting any uneven ground. Attach a light to your hat in the manner of a cyclist or nighttime jogger. Ensure children are visible at all times. And that adults are visible to their charges. Fluorescent jackets and reflective armbands aid detection if parties become separated in a crowd.

Grab a toffee apple and snuggle up to the fireside. Gaze aloft as rockets shoot across the sky and erupt in a profusion of delightful starbursts. Stay safe at all times and have fun!


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