Thursday, 29 October 2015

Awesome Ways Your Mum Can Help with Your Wedding

Watching her daughter get married is a big day for any mother. And the run up to the event can be just as exciting too. Many mums will want to help out in any way they can, but brides can be a little reluctant to let them get involved. While they might want to hear their mum's opinion, they don't want them trying to take over the proceeds. If you want to help your mum feel included by giving her something to do, there are a few tasks she could be a big help with. Preparing for the wedding can be a little less stressful with some assistance from your mum.


Help Out with Booking

The initial stages of planning your wedding can be pretty hectic. You need to book a venue first, for both the ceremony and reception. Then you need to start finding contractors for everything from flowers to photography. You might never have had to plan an event this size before, or any event at all. If you need some help, mums can be perfect for this. Ask her to help out with finding somewhere to host the wedding, but make sure you give her some idea of what to look for. She could even be the main point of contact for some of the professionals you'll be working with. But remember that's a lot of work, so only suggest that if you think she has time.

Help with the Guest List

Deciding who to invite to the wedding can be troublesome. You might be trying to keep it small, but there are lots of distant relatives expecting an invitation. You don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but spending more to accommodate everybody doesn't make sense. Your mum can help you decide who is a must on the guest list from your side of the family. She can even suggest people who might like an invite, but realistically can't come. She could also communicate with the groom's family to make sure you can include who they want to invite too.

Offer Fashion Advice

Getting your mum's opinion on some of the big decisions can help to give you some perspective. Sometimes it's that if mum likes it, it must be good, and sometimes it's the opposite. Either way, asking what she thinks about the wedding outfits can be helpful. And, of course, it's her job to choose her own outfit. It's up to her to find something appropriate for your wedding. But it's also a nice thing to do together. Even if you don't live close, you can buy mother of the bride dresses online. You can trade links and have a look at each other's choices for your outfits.

Turn Up to Pre-wedding Events

Invite your mum to some of the pre-wedding proceeds too. She might not want to come to the hen party, but some brides have a more sedate bridal shower. And, of course, she'll be coming to the rehearsal dinner if you have one. She could also help to plan these events if you need some backup.

Your mum will love the chance to be involved in your wedding plans. If you want to take it a step further, give her a special role at the wedding or ask her to make a speech.


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    1. Oh how i wish i could affirm this comment! Unfortunately he is yet to put a ring on it but rest assured, you and the other girls will be some of the first people i'll tell when he does. Promise xxxxx

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