Thursday, 22 October 2015

How to Organise a Great Halloween Party for the Kids

Halloween is just around the corner, so why not put on a party for your kids and their school friends?

Choose the Date and Time Wisely

The first thing to consider is when the party will take place. You need to think carefully about this. You don’t want to put the part on an evening when there’s school the next day because parents might not let their kids attend. So, a Friday or Saturday night just before or just after the 31st of October is the best time to hold the party. If your children are small, you could hold the party during the day on the Saturday. Planning the time of the party is important, and largely dependent on the age of the children.

Send Out the Invites

You then need to decide who is going to be coming to the party. You obviously need to ask your kids who they want to invite, but you should also be realistic with the numbers. You don’t want to invite so many people that you can’t keep control and look after them all. When you’ve finally decided on the list of invitees, design some cool Halloween invites with your children. Or find templates at Then they can give out the invites when they get to school the next day. If people drop out or can’t come, you can invite other people.

Plan the Fun Activities

To keep the kids entertained once they come over, you’ll have to have some fun activities planned for the evening. There are lots of different types of party games that will keep them occupied, but it’s all about the preparation. You could do some spooky tricks for the kids, for example. Visit to discover more about things that will help you perform your own tricks. One fun game for Halloween is a donut eating race. You make the kids put their hands behind their backs and then dangle a donut in front of them. The aim is to see who eats theirs first.

Decorate the Home

The party simply won’t be as good as it could be if you haven’t given the home a Halloween-themed makeover for the occasion. You could put up a banner with “Happy Halloween” written across it. And you could add lots of spooky fake cobwebs and plastic creepy crawlies to give the kids a gentle fright. Of course, this will all depend on the age of the children. If they’re very young, you won’t want to scare them too much, so keep this in mind when decorating.

Prepare Some Food

If you’re inviting over a load of excitable kids, they’re going to expect to be fed at some point during the evening, so you need to make some food. You can put out the classic kid’s party options. But you can also give the food a bit of a Halloween twist if you want to as well. You could make some cakes and cover them with ghostly pictures and lots of orange and black icing. Toffee apples are also great options for Halloween. Don’t worry about it too much though, because they’ll be stuffing it in their mouths before they’ve much of a chance to look at it!


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