Thursday, 15 October 2015

Joining Slimming World :: A Couples Mission

Me & Carl :: May 2015
I speak for so many people who have an ongoing issue with their weight. Here's my story..

I was always a slim child, as is the case in my family we were all under weight for our height which has been a genetic trait for many hundreds of years. I started dance school when i was 4 and coupled with dancing/training 5 days a week, i became lean and toned and maintained my weight at around 9.5-10 stone. Then when i had my daughter at 16, everything changed.
I had to give up dancing but because i was breastfeeding, i shed the baby weight and ended up being around 10.5 stone which really wasn't an issue..i'd just had a baby for god sake!

But being a stay at home mum and stopping breast feeding when Sarah was 10 months old, i started to eat anything that was laced with sugar just so i had the energy to wake up for night feeds and get through the day without nodding off. The weight soon started to creep up on me and i first noticed it properly when i was starting to develop a double chin, something i had never had in my life. It also started to develop on my already large hips (though in fairness, having large hips makes childbirth ALOT easier) but it made me look at least 2 sizes bigger than what i was.

Fast forward 4 years, i lost my best friend and dad in the space of 2 months. As is the usual practice in my family, when we are stressed, worried etc we loose our appetite and that's exactly what happened to me. I was swallowed up by double the amount of grief and i relied solely on smoking and diet coke. I ended up loosing about 5 stone in the space of 7 months and with a 3 year old to run around after, the weight was literally melting off me.
It was only when i went to visit my best friends mum and she pointed out that i looked skeletal that i knew i had to get a grip and pull myself out of this dark place i'd been dragged into. I lost two very special people in my life and i knew if i didn't come back to reality, i would be joining them. So i started eating normally again but then normality became habit and the weight piled back on again as quickly as i had lost it.

Since 2007 when the above happened, i have put on around 5 stone. I am the biggest i have ever been and i only have myself to blame. I entered a very happy and loving relationship which is proven to make you gain weight and i have done nothing to change this happy bubble of late night take away's and movie snacking up until now.

At Carl's best mates wedding last week, i had an epiphony and it all came about when we realised there was a photo booth. Carl was pratting about and taking loads of funny photo's with his mates when it dawned on me that we were yet to have a photo of us together. I don't know what came over me but i walked off and went outside with Carl running after me asking what was wrong. I asked him if he was too embarassed to have a photo taken with me because of my size and as much as he was adament that wasn't the case, it still felt like it was and that hurt so much.
We did end up going in the photo booth together and when i saw the photos, that was when it clicked. Carl looked amazing in his suit and i just looked like a hot mess. I had a double chin going on, i was flustered and sweaty and i was so ashamed by it and that was when i thought, no more!

We sat down together and i told him that being there for the day made me re-confirm how much i want to marry him and he said that he feels exactly the same way. But i can't do it looking the way i am and that's why we have decided to join Slimming World together.

Carl has some health issues, he is constantly tired,has high blood pressure and he has been told he needs to loose a bit of weight and i have been told that if i want to concieve with ease, i need to loose weight aswell however, i face additional challenges because i am the polar opposite to Carl; I have very low blood pressure and i MUST eat throughout the day otherwise i pass out and i am still nursing a broken ankle so exercise will be minimum. Our main focus is our wedding and having a baby, i think that's better than just saying we want to look good in clothes!

It will be hard and we will struggle but we will deal with it together and we're going to share how we're getting on with you all so you can see our progress.


  1. Good luck to you both ! It will be a struggle but you will feel so so amazing once you have lost some weight !! I wish you a life of skinny happiness my friend ;) Love you always xx

  2. Best of luck to you. Better to be in it together than trying to do it alone.


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