Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara :: Review

Have you ever been in Boots or Superdrug on the lookout for a new item of makeup and you eventually become so bored of looking, that you pick up the first one that comes into your eyeline and throw it into your basket? I'm an absolute swine for it.

A month ago, i was in that very situation. My Benefit They're Real mascara had run out and i begrudged paying for another one so i nipped into Superdrug and picked up the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara.

The Price - A pricey £7.99

The Packaging - It's the standard shape of Maybelline mascara with a pretty holographic pink sheen to it.

The Wand - The brush itself was pretty impressive. It's arched to fit the natural curve of the eyelashes and it has different sized bristles on each side, the longer ones for the top lashes and the shorter ones for the bottom lashes. It's also a rubber wand aswell which i think grips onto the lashes better than plastic ones.

Application - I was so disappointed with this product when it came to applying it to my lashes. It's thick, clumpy and makes all my eyelashes stick together creating the spider leg effect. I wiped the wand off to see if it was just a build up of the product but then it did it again on the second application. 

Removal - This mascara is an absolute nightmare to remove. I use micellar water and cotton pads to remove my make up and 99.9% of the time, it removes my make up (especially mascara) with no problems. But i went through 4 cotton pads before my lashes finally came away mascara free and because the product clumped all my lashes together, i actually pulled away some lashes aswell!

Final thoughts - I really don't like this mascara at all. Maybelline have some fantastic products and there are some that i really rate but this is not one of them. I don't know if i maybe picked up a dodgy one because some fellow bloggers have absolutely raved about it but never the less, i will not be re-purchasing this mascara again.

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